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Solovey: a FatChance BellyDance style choreography

Sunday 10-11.30am

This short and fun choreography arranges steps and combinations from the FCBD group improvisation format to complement the Ukrainian folk pop hit by the band Go_A.

Never done FatChance style before? No worries,  this workshop will be a safe and fun environment to gain an understanding of how it works.

Experienced tribal dancer? You'll be able to play with your own staging ideas, and maybe get some new perspectives on FCBD style steps from intermediate to advanced.



Sylvia  Edge (a.k.a. Ziva) has 20 plus years of bellydance geekery to draw on, with her dominant focus and training being in FatChanceBellyDance style. 

She ran Zilzal Bellydance, based in Wellington,  for over a decade before moving into a house bus and teaching dance and yoga online. 

Find out more at Zilzal Bellydance on Facebook and  homeless bellydancing yogi on Patreon.

Photo Credit: Bruce Pool

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