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Committee Roles

Please review the proposed eligibility criteria for Committee members at the bottom of this page.


Desirable Attributes 
  • Leadership

  • Strong shoulders, Thick skin 

  • Diplomacy

  • Sense of humour

  • Organisational ability and/or great delegation skill

  • Good understanding of MEDANZ aims and objectives

The role of President of MEDANZ has grown in significance over the years as the Association has developed and grown.  You’re the fulcrum and leader of a committee of diverse people with wide ranging opinions and passions. Your leadership style will set the tone of the group and how well the team works together to achieve goals, as well as add value to MEDANZ membership.


  • Ensure the MEDANZ Constitution is upheld

  • Ensure all legal responsibilities of an Association are met.

  • Financial records must be submitted to the Companies office on a yearly basis, together with any constitutional changes which have occurred at AGM. Best submitted after AGM at end of financial year.

  • IRD Tax authority must be held by Associations current Treasurer but can only be authorised to change by outgoing holder of the Tax Authority. President must ensure this is completed prior to Treasurer leaving their role.

  • Sign off and authorise new signatories for bank accounts before leaving President position. MEDANZ Bank accounts must have at least two current executives as signatories.

  • Ensure Treasurer has authorised change of contacts for all financial transactions/ payments and requirements, such as PayPal.

  • Ensure passwords are changed to committee information zones such as email and OneDrive whenever a member of Committee resigns.

  • Ensure MEDANZ complies with the requirement of "legal deposit" - where 2 copies of the newsletter are put in the National Library upon their release to membership.

  • Provide Committee with information that will enable them to function in their role fully and within legal requirements that may be a part of their role.

  • Expand knowledge and resource of the Association so each committee can build on the experience of those that came before them. 

  • Lever the full resource and passion of committee and listen carefully to direction expressed by membership, action appropriately when required.

  • Keep an eye on the future and a foot in the past

Vice President

The Vice President assists the President in their duties and fills in for them when they are unavailable, e.g. for Chairing committee meetings.

Should the president resign or have to leave their position throughout the year the Vice President will assume the full Presidential responsibilities until an SGM can be held or until the next AGM.


It is important that the Secretary is able to have frequent online access as the majority of this position is responding to emails from members and forwarding emails to committee, Membership Secreatary and Newsletter Editor.  The expectation is that MEDANZ respond to any member inquiry within 48 hours of receipt of an email.

Main duties:
  • Attend committee meetings and take minutes; distribute to committee members as soon as possible after meeting; amend as necessary and send final version for approval prior to next committee meeting.

  • If receiving hard copy posted mail, either store an electronic version in the correspondence folder on the OneDrive, or, where applicable, submit the information via the relevant MEDANZ online form on behalf of the member (for example membership forms, festival registrations). 

  • Supply Secretary report to each committee meeting, including a summary of correspondence received and sent. 

  • Advise Membership Secretary of any bounced emails or returned mail so addresses can be updated.

  • Liaise with Mailbox centre as required or directed by committee

  • Ensure forwarding address has been updated prior to leaving role as Secretary.

  • Contribute to decision making as an Executive committee member

  • Submit MEDANZ Constitution to Companies office should amendments occur at an AGM.

  • Literate in English (be able to write and understand multipage documents)

  • Computer literate in general (ideally with own PC or laptop - not just a smart phone)

  • Proficient with (and easy access to) word processing packages

  • Organized and not too retiring


The Treasurer is responsible for the MEDANZ finances including accounting for all income and expenditure and day to day management of financial transactions.

It is an ongoing job with occasional bigger workloads coming up close to festival and around membership deadlines.

Main jobs include:
  • Keeping MEDANZ accounts documents up to date and report monthly to committee

  • Banking incoming funds

  • Ensuring any payments due to be made by MEDANZ are actioned in a timely fashion

  • Producing annual financial statements for AGMs

  • Liaising with auditors for financial audits (as required)

  • Proficiency with Excel

  • Understanding of basic accounting and financial reporting principals

  • Attention to detail

Membership Secretary

The person overseeing the MEDANZ membership list can be either an ordinary committee member or can also occupy an executive position (Secretary, President, Vice President or Treasurer) if they have enough time and energy to invest.

It is partially an ongoing job with occasional bigger workloads coming up close to festival and around membership renewal deadlines.

Main jobs include:
  • Accessing the MEDANZ website to activate Subscriptions and ensure personal details are correct, allocation of membership id numbers, production and sending of Membership ID Cards (currently done in .pages), creating Invoices/Receipts for bank deposit subscriptions and corresponding with new members.

  • Monthly download of Subscriptions and payments from website to OneDrive Archive.

  • Producing/updating yearly backups and related analysis of membership list (quite straightforward)

  • Producing full membership lists when requested by members

  • Producing all relevant info for newsletter mail outs

  • Checking up on details about members as requested by them or the committee.

  • Review of Subscription messaging and plan promotions to increase MEDANZ subscriptions.

  • Computer literacy is essential. Training of the systems we use on our Wix website is provided, along with experienced volunteers available to help you should you get stuck.

General Committee Member

General Committee members assist in the overall running of the organisation. In addition general committee members often assist the executive members with their duties and work on specific projects the organisation may be involved in.

General committee members all have a vote on issues discussed at committee meetings, such as funding approvals etc.

General committee members are expected to have sufficent literacy to read and understand multi-page documents and to contribute to discussions in writing as well as orally. Access to a computer at least weekly for email is needed.

Meetings are currently held via Zoom, therefore internet access is required (Desktop/Phone)

Festival Sub-Committee

The organisation and day to day operation of the annual MEDANZ festival is managed via a sub-committee.

This sub-committee is led by a MEDANZ committee member who acts as the Head of the subcommittee and other regular members interested in running and co-ordinating the Festival. Although sub-committee members can be from anywhere in New Zealand usually the city hosting festival will have a number of members 'on the ground' involved in the subcommittee as many planning tasks must be undertaken locally.

Festival sub-committee is responsible for
  • managing the Festival budget in liaison with the MEDANZ committee

  • organising the venue for Festival

  • organising the day to day logistics for running festival (identifying local facilities etc)

  • coordinating the call for tutors and performers for festival

  • recommending overseas host teachers to MEDANZ committee for approval

  • coordinating all timetabling for Festival, including selection of tutors and tutor contracts

  • organising the Festival Hafla and Show

  • reporting regularly to MEDANZ committee and ensuring MEDANZ committee financial sign off are in place where required

  • A least one person within the sub-committee should be able to read and modify a simple spreadsheet

  • Be able to work with a range of people

  • Understand how to set and meet deadlines leading up to the Festival

MEDANZ Archive Guardian

The Guardian holds the MEDANZ Archive, which includes historical MEDANZ video footage and documents. The Guardian does not need to be a Committee member.

  • Storage of the physical library which includes DVDs, photos, and copies of MEDANZ documents 

  • Keep the archive inventory up to date

  • Make archive items available if requested

  • Notify committee of any problems with damage to items

Revised Constitution includes the following eligibility criteria for future committee members:

10. Officers

Qualifications of Officers

10.1. Every Officer must be a natural person who:

  1. 10.1.1.  has consented in writing to be an officer of the Society, and

  2. 10.1.2.  certifies that they are not disqualified from being elected or appointed or

    otherwise holding office as an Officer of the Society.

  1. 10.2.  Officers must not be disqualified under section 47(3) of the Act from being appointed or holding office as an Officer of the Society, namely

    1. 10.2.1.  a person who is under 16 years of age,

    2. 10.2.2.  a person who is an undischarged bankrupt,

    3. 10.2.3.  a person who is prohibited from being a director or promoter of, or being concerned or taking part in the management of, an incorporated or unincorporated body under the Companies Act 1993, the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, or the Takeovers Act 1993, or any other similar legislation,

    4. 10.2.4.  a person who is disqualified from being a member of the governing body of a charitable entity under section 16(2) of the Charities Act 2005,

    5. 10.2.5.  a person who has been convicted of any of the following, and has been sentenced for the offence, within the last 7 years – an offence under subpart 6 of Part 4 of the Act a crime involving dishonesty (within the meaning of section 2(1) of the

      Crimes Act 1961) an offence under section 143B of the Tax Administration Act 1994 an offence, in a country other than New Zealand, that is substantially similar to an offence specified in subparagraphs ( to ( a money laundering offence or an offence relating to the financing of terrorism, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere

    6. 10.2.6.  a person subject to: a banning order under subpart 7 of Part 4 of the Act, or an order under section 108 of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003, or a forfeiture order under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009, or a property order made under the Protection of Personal and Property

      Rights Act 1988, or whose property is managed by a trustee corporation under section 32 of that Act.

    7. 10.2.7.  A person who is subject to an order that is substantially similar to an order

      referred to in paragraph (10.2.6) under a law of a country, State, or territory outside New Zealand that is a country, State, or territory prescribed by the regulations (if any) of the Act.

  2. 10.3.  Prior to election or appointment as an Officer a person must:

    1. 10.3.1.  consent in writing to be an Officer, and

    2. 10.3.2.  certify in writing that they are not disqualified from being elected or appointed

      as an Officer either by this Constitution or the Act.

  3. 10.4.  Nominations must include the name of a proposer and seconder. Nominees, proposers,

    and seconders must be full and financial Members. Nominations and the written consent of the nominee must be received by the Secretary no less than 15 days before the meeting, except where nominations are taken from the floor. Nominations may be received via post, fax, or email, as available.

Note each certificate shall be retained in the Society’s records.

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