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MEDANZ Festivals

Since 2001 MEDANZ members have gathered together at various different towns and cities around the country to share their passion for Middle Eastern Dance and music. By holding an annual festival we provide the opportunity to come together as a community to share knowledge, experience performance (by watching live or by performing) expanding our dance and music experience and to build on the bonds of lifelong friendships made through dance. We also take the opportunity to hold our Annual General Meeting during the festival, to ensure that as many members as possible can participate in this part of our societies activities.

Congratulations Christchurch! 
The MEDANZ Community will be gathering in Christchurch for Festival 2024 on 26/27 April 2024.

We can’t do it without you!!

MEDANZ is no longer in the financial position to underwrite a festival without the support of our subscribers up front. Festivals cost money, venues need deposits, photographers and videographers require advance payment, tutors who are amazing supporters of our MEDANZ Festivals also should be fairly compensated for their time, effort and attendance, it all adds up. So here is the idea, we propose to sell festival passes to the event now, with a minimum fundraising target of $6000 by 31 December 2023 for the event to go ahead. For full details on the passes, go to our Festival 24 page, or to buy your Festival Pass now, visit the Events page, and scroll down to your chosen pass or make a donation:

Whilst the Committee are discussing the various events that make up festival, we have another quick poll for you to participate in. We are interested in what kind of things you like to do whilst at festival, here is the link:

JoinOurCommunity Festival
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