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Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide a supportive environment for MED,

fostering interest and understanding, whilst encouraging sharing of information, developing /promoting ethical standards and​ facilitating learning and performance opportunities.

Want to know more?

Read our MEDANZ Constitution:

Download PDF Here 


Our Vision

To have Middle Eastern Dance recognised as a creative art and dance form in New Zealand, that is accessible to everyone in a safe and welcoming environment.

We believe anyone can benefit from the regular practice of belly dance, and everyone is welcome to participate, whatever their challenge is.

"Ahlan Bik"   "Marhaba"   "Welcome"    "Haere Mai"

We Welcome All as MEDANZ Members and Subscribers

Belly dancers, drummers, teachers, vendors, supporters or general enthusiasts of Middle Eastern Dance

MEDANZ offers several opportunities to interact with the bellydance community in New Zealand: 

* When you join 'Our Community' you have access to several open groups and forums on this website, if you use the 'Spaces' App on your mobile device whilst logged in you can interact with other members of Our Community, in addition to having easy access to our online and live events. This service is FREE.

* When you Subscribe to MEDANZ, your annual subscription opens up lots of additional benefits, including full access to the resources on this website, like monthly bellydance movies and previous MEDANZ Shows.


Subscribers also receive:

  • you may perform in MEDANZ Shows and haflas

  • you have access to exclusive Zoom meet ups and haflas with the New Zealand bellydance community

  • you will automatically receive discounts at specific MEDANZ Events booked through this website including our annual MEDANZ Festival

  • you will receive our MEDANZ News issued every 2 months, and have access to historical issues

  • you are eligible to apply for MEDANZ Grants and may enter our Subscribers only Competitions 

  • you will get access to our Subscribers only Groups and Forums on this website.

  • full voting rights

  • you are eligible for election to Committee


The Annual Subscription which runs from July to June each year is currently NZ$30.00, which can be paid by credit card/PayPal or directly into our bank account. Subscribe Now.


* If you are a Teacher of bellydance or drum, once you are a Subscriber you will be eligible to join our Teachers' Network with free advertising and promotion of your classes on this website, and on our social media platforms. Members of our Teachers' Network receive preference in all MEDANZ Event planning and promotion. This is a Subscribers only service.

A Non-Profit Incorporated Society

Providing Community and A Dance Network



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