Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that the Committee find themselves answering again and again, so we have compiled a list of these questions on this page to hopefully make things a little easier. If you are unable to find an answer below to your question, please contact us, we are happy to assist you.



1 Membership Year and Subscriptions

2 Payment Options


3 Payment Receipts/Invoices


4 Join/Renewal Form

5 Updating my information (email, phone number etc)


6 Where can I find .....?


7 MEDANZ News articles


8 Facebook Groups


9 Photographic Credits


1. Membership Year and Subscriptions 


Q: How do I join MEDANZ?

A: You can become a website member of MEDANZ and interact on some of our groups and forums by completing the Join Our Community Form

If you wish to purchase an annual subscription to MEDANZ, with full access to the website content, our bimonthly MEDANZ News, voting rights, and eligibility for election to committee, Zoom discussions and haflas, discounts and performance opportunities, login and purchase your subscription here.


Q: How much is a MEDANZ subscription and when does my subscription end?


A Full MEDANZ subscription costs $30 annually, the Family membership for members living in the same household is $20 per additional member.

The membership year starts on 1 July and finishes on 30 June each year. 

Membership subscriptions are the same price regardless of the date you join or renew your membership during the year. Subscribe now

Q: I'm a member, but when I click on some pages, groups or blog posts I get the login page - why?

A: Some of our content is restricted to our Subscribers only. You can purchase an annual subscription to MEDANZ here!

2. Payment Options

Q: How can I pay my subs and do you accept credit card payments?


You can pay your subs by PayPal, Credit Card or by deposit into our Kiwibank account:

Account number: 38-9015-0085634-00

Account name: Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand Incorporated

Reference: ‘SUBS' plus "your name" and your membership ID number “XXX” if available.

Your membership ID number is contained on your MEDANZ Membership Card. 

3. Payment Receipts

Q: I need an invoice/receipt for my dance business, do you issue these?


Yes.  If you pay by PayPal or Credit Card you will have received your receipt from PayPal by email. 

If you have paid us by putting money into our bank account, we will have issued an Invoice/Receipt by email - once this payment is allocated your Invoice becomes your Receipt - simply click on the original invoice link in your email - or request a copy from

4. Join/Renewal Form

Q: Why do I need to complete the Join/Renewal Form each year?


A: We are pleased to advise that you no longer have to do this with the upgrade to this new website! You can now keep your mailing address and email/phone contact details updated in the Our Community area of this website, under My Addresses or My Account - if your address area appears blank, don't worry, the new information will be added to your records. 

5. Updating my information

Q: How do I update my email address/phone number, physical address?

A: Login to the Our Community Members area, 

Select "My Account" and update your name, phone and email details.

Note re emails: you can update your contact email, but you cannot update your login email, which remains the same for the term of your membership on this site.  If you wish to change the login email, your entire account needs to be deleted as it's like your user name - contact us on if this is an issue for you.

To update your physical address, click on "My Addresses" in the Our Community Members area to add your current address and remove your old address.

6. Where can I find?

Q: Where on this website can I find information about: (hint: just click on the word-link)


MEDANZ Teachers' Network

MEDANZ Annual Festival


For Subscription members only, you will need to login first:



MEDANZ Committee Meeting Minutes


MEDANZ AGM Information

7. MEDANZ News articles 

Q: Can I submit an article for publication in the MEDANZ News

Yes! We welcome all submissions for the MEDANZ News and online Blog. Simply email with your article or request.

8. Facebook Groups 


MEDANZ now offers Chat Groups on this website and via the Wix Spaces App - check it out in our Community area.

Q: How do I join the MEDANZ Facebook Group? 

A: MEDANZ currently operates two Facebook Groups and one Facebook Page.

MEDANZ Subscribers Only - This is a closed discussion group for members. if you wish to join this group and are a current member, please send your request to join this group via Facebook.

MEDANZ Group - Contemporary and Traditional Belly Dance - This is a private group for anyone interested in Belly Dance (you don't have to be a member to join) - please send your request to join this group via Facebook.

MEDANZ - Contemporary and Traditional Belly Dance - our public Facebook Page - simply like and follow to keep up to date with belly dance events happening around the country:

If you choose not to renew your subscription, and let your membership lapse, you will automatically be removed from the 'Members Only' group at the end of the membership year grace period.

9. Photographic Credits

The photos used on this website excluding the portraits, were all taken at MEDANZ Events, featuring MEDANZ members and guests tutors.  Our Photographers were:

Vera (Christchurch)- visit her website here

NinaG Photography (Auckland): visit her website here

Brian Pool Photography (Wellington) Phone: 027 306 0192