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MEDANZ Funding

MEDANZ National Travel Grant

Guidelines & Organiser(s) Responsibilities:
  • At the AGM each year a budget of $1,000 for funding of tutors’ travel expenses is put aside, provided that a minimum of $6,000 remains in the general fund.

  • A maximum of $250.00 can be granted per event, until the maximum amount of $1,000.00 has been granted. The Grant will be available from July each year once 30 paid subscriptions have been received.

  • The grant can only be applied for by the organiser(s) of the event (i.e. not the teacher/ tutor).

  • The grant can only be considered when the invited tutor lives more than 200km from location of event. The invited tutor must be a New Zealand resident.

  • MEDANZ will not provide grants for the same tutor, in the same region more than once per funding round.

  • All organisers must be a current subscriber to MEDANZ.

  • All tutors must be listed on the MEDANZ Teachers’ Network.

  • The application must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to the event.

  • All applications to be forwarded to the Secretary:

  • All applications will be considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the MEDANZ committee and availability of finances.

  • Event to be held within 12 months of receipt of the grant.

  • Proof of grant use must be provided to the MEDANZ Treasurer within two weeks of the conclusion of the event. Any funds not used (or that there is no proof for) must be returned to MEDANZ within two weeks of the conclusion of the event. 

    If travel is by Air – evidence of ticket purchase and cost. 

    If travel is by Land – evidence of distance travelled by providing a copy of map with mileage calculation eg: (this will allow mileage to be calculated in accordance to current formulas used by the Inland Revenue - IRD rates can vary from year to year so this would have to be calculated at the time of travel).

  • An article by the organiser or nominated person, on the event must be submitted to the next MEDANZ newsletter within 2 months of the event being held.

  • The organiser(s) must display/promote that the event is supported by MEDANZ, eg use of the “Sponsored by MEDANZ” logo.

  • Within two weeks of the conclusion of the event, the organizer must provide MEDANZ with; 

    1. Copy of promotional material acknowledging MEDANZ sponsorship.

    2. Any funds not used, along with the proof of grant use documentation.

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