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In-Studio $5 Rebate for 2020/21

The 2020/21 Committee is offering three $5.00 rebates to every MEDANZ member attending workshops and/ or events between July 2020 and March 2021!  


The criteria:


  • The workshop/event must be with a MEDANZ Network Teacher - refer to our Teachers' Network list here

  • The workshop must be in-studio.

  • Online workshops are excluded from this offer.

  • The offer is not applicable to the April 2021 MEDANZ Festival or to any MEDANZ Mini-Festivals as a members discount has already been applied to these events)

  • One $5.00 subsidy per workshop/event is available for every MEDANZ Member, up to a total of 3 workshops/events through to 20th March 2021.

Just for clarity: If a teacher is offering a weekend workshop with 4 mini-workshops on different topics, this is classed as 1 event and you can claim $5. If the teacher is offering a weekend workshop where one topic is being taught over the full weekend, this is also classed as 1 event and you can claim $5. You can claim for up to 3 workshops, so that is a grand total of $15, yes your full membership fee for this year, available to you for your ongoing training.

How to claim:

Send a copy of your receipt, the name of the tutor and your bank details to the MEDANZ email address ( and a deposit will be made to your account.


All receipts MUST be received by March 20th 2021 to be eligible for this subsidy. 

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