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Congratulations to:

Anne-Marie Chapman
Fernanda Mottin
Juniper Nichols
Maree Patton

We look forward to following your progress with the 2021 Bellydance Bundle in the months to come.

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition.


2021 Competition

Check this out! 

MEDANZ is offering you the chance to win a 

NZ$250 refund on the cost of the 

2021 Belly Dance Bundle!

Yes you read that right, in fact we are offering not one, but four (4) opportunities for MEDANZ Subscribers to have approximately half of the cost of this year's Belly Dance Bundle refunded to you by MEDANZ! How is that for an investment in your belly dance education?



How the competition works: Write a letter (or send a video) to the MEDANZ Lifetime Members telling them how the Belly Dance Bundle would propel your personal dance studies this year and help you reach your dance goals, then give us a written testimonial that we can use on our website about being a MEDANZ Subscriber.

Send both submissions by email to and we will acknowledge receipt back to you.

Deadline is 16 October 2021. 


Between 17-20 October the 5 Lifetime Members of MEDANZ will read your letters and testimonials and view your videos, to rank their top 5, results will be collated and results advised and published on 21 October 2021.  The four winners will then purchase the Belly Dance Bundle directly - link provided above or via your favourite Belly Dance Bundle teacher (remember it is only available for 1 week every year!), with up to 5 weeks to claim a maximum of NZ$250 refund from MEDANZ. The 4 winning letters/videos and testimonials will be published at and in the MEDANZ News - winners are requested to provide a minimum of two 2021 Belly Dance Bundle Reviews for the MEDANZ News/MEDANZ Blog during 2021/22.


So if you were considering purchasing the Bundle again this year, or even if it's your first Bundle, get writing or recording and tell us about your dance goals for 2021/22, but don't delay, this deadline cannot be extended.

Click on the link below to find out more about the 2021 Belly Dance Bundle.

Join MEDANZ today!