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Looking for a belly dance class? To view a list of MEDANZ Teachers in your area, click on the area name below, or check out our on-line options:

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MEDANZ Teachers' Network

The MEDANZ Teachers’ Network is open to all subscribers of MEDANZ who teach Middle Eastern dance (including Raqs Sharqi, Oryental, Beledi, Folkloric, Tribal Fusion and Group Improvisational Dance: ATS, FatChanceBellyDance, Tribal and Global Caravan styles) or music (including drumming). 


  • All information is self reported.

  • MEDANZ does not endorse or provide guarantees of any teachers listed. Please use your judgement.

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If you are already a MEDANZ Subscriber, click the link below and complete the Teachers' Network Form!

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Offering Teachers an Online geographical listing, with website, phone and email contact info. plus lots more!

Website linking from the MEDANZ Teachers's Network pages raises your SEO and therefore increases you own website's visibility.

Preference is given to all MEDANZ Teachers' Network members when MEDANZ organises events requiring tutors and performers, eg; Festival, Online Haflas, Mini-Festivals and our National Travel Grant

Free Teachers' Network workshops at our annual festivals. Since 2001 we have provided free workshops on teaching essentials like: marketing, lesson planning, understanding how students learn, and many, many more. Plus we offer Festival Teachers' Forums - face to face discussions to foster understanding and build our community.

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When MEDANZ is contacted by local event organisers for performers and tutors, we refer them first to our Teachers' Network members and listings.

A dedicated Teachers' Network online group, for teachers to discuss NZ relevant issues in teaching belly dance and to share their experiences and resources - you will get out what you put into this resource!

National Travel Grant - all tutors must be listed on the MEDANZ Teachers' Network to be eligible to receive this grant.

MEDANZ Teachers Network listings are featured in our MEDANZ News, which is sent to all Subscribers every 2 months.

You can find our MEDANZ Teachers' Network Members on our Members list, identified by a Teachers Network badge - refer to the Community menu above.

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