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Khatwet Serena - Online & Staging Workshop then perform in the Festival Show

Saturday 11.15am-1.15pm

Online Workshop PLUS 2 hour Revision/staging Workshop at Festival:  - you will have online access to this recorded choreography workshop from late February/Early March through to the festival so that you can participate in the revision/staging workshop at festival prior to performing this item as a group in the festival show. 

The staging workshop and performance are not compulsory, and you may take this workshop online only, if you prefer.

This choreography to Hossam Ramzy's Khatwet Serena, is based on Hadia's own choreography, and is a homage by Jenny to her oriental dance mentor who passed away in 2022.

The choreography itself is a fast paced drum piece with lots of interesting accents and precise technique. 

More information will be available shortly.




I teach weekly West African inspired dance classes in Newtown, Wellington on Mon/Thurs eves and Dun Dun dance classes (challenge your musical and physical fitness drumming as you dance) on Tuesdays.

Bellydance is my personal salve in between the Afro dance where I get to internalise and go deep, move more slowly and intentionally and feel things. For me it is a healing movement.

My aim as a teacher is to create a feeling of freedom and flow, build up good energy and have fun. To create space for self expression. For students to listen to their bodies and move in a way that's right for them. My classes are inclusive of all different levels, body types and abilities.

As a percussionist with a passion for the interaction of rhythm and movement, I am a big fan of the drum solo and any juicy choreography with an emphasis on musicality.

I have completed 3 levels of Hadia's teacher training which has a big focus on anatomy, ways of communicating movement, and refinement of Egyptian/Oriental dance technique with her signature style of natural organic movement. I am also a Dance Movement Therapist (DTAA Prov. Prof), a certified Bana Kuma Dance Instructor, a 350 hr qualified Dru Yoga Teacher and a Life Coach. I work with groups and individuals to experience more joy, ease and flow in their lives.

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