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Moringa Dancers


I teach weekly West African inspired dance classes in Newtown, Wellington on Mon/Thurs eves and Dun Dun dance classes (challenge your musical and physical fitness drumming as you dance) on Tuesdays.

Bellydance is my personal salve in between the Afro dance where I get to internalise and go deep, move more slowly and intentionally and feel things. For me it is a healing movement.

My aim as a teacher is to create a feeling of freedom and flow, build up good energy and have fun. To create space for self expression. For students to listen to their bodies and move in a way that's right for them. My classes are inclusive of all different levels, body types and abilities.

As a percussionist with a passion for the interaction of rhythm and movement, I am a big fan of the drum solo and any juicy choreography with an emphasis on musicality.

I have completed 3 levels of Hadia's teacher training which has a big focus on anatomy, ways of communicating movement, and refinement of Egyptian/Oriental dance technique with her signature style of natural organic movement. I am also a Dance Movement Therapist (DTAA Prov. Prof), a certified Bana Kuma Dance Instructor, a 350 hr qualified Dru Yoga Teacher and a Life Coach. I work with groups and individuals to experience more joy, ease and flow in their lives.



Online Courses:

With advance booking, you can zoom into my live classes.

My Dance Specialty:

West African Dance, Brazilian Dance, Hadia Style Egyptian/Oriental Dance, drum solo!

Started MED:


Started Teaching




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