MEDANZ Teachers' Day 2018

Teachers' Forum

Friday 13 April 9am-10:30pm (Ballroom)

What is MEDANZ  
Presented by Angela with discussion (15 min)
Why do we teach? Group discussion (15 min max)
Marketing ideas
Based on homework pre-festival (30 min)
Planning with adaptability 
Presented by Judith with discussion (15 min)
What teachers need to keep going
Group discussion (15 min)

Teachers' Workshop with Saqra

Friday 13 April 10:45am-12:45pm (Ballroom)

Curriculum creation, pacing, leading drills, keeping difficult students under control, and other essential things to avoid and things to include to keep your students coming back. Whether you are an experienced instructor or new to teaching the art, we cover important concepts and discuss the biggest problems.

The forum and workshops are free to teachers on the MEDANZ Teachers' Network.

For those not on the network:

  • Forum $20
  • Workshop $60 (this workshop is NOT included in the Festival pass)