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Stylised Mejanse Workshop

Saturday 10-12noon

What to expect

  • Soft and graceful Mejanse Choreography with strong hips movements

  • Refining techniques that infuse style and uniqueness into your dance.

  • Refine posture, alignment, and depth to your movements.

This workshop isn't just about dance; it's a holistic journey, nurturing creativity and self-discovery for everyone to explore and celebrate life through movement.

All MEDANZ Festival 2024 workshop tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

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Meet Yenifer from Colombia, a passionate belly dance enthusiast with over a decade of experience in the stylized bellydance. For her, belly dance is more than just hip movements—it's a powerful form that connects us with our feminine essence. Yenifer believes in the dance as a way to discover ourselves, unlock our potential, and embrace our essence as life goddesses, all through the expressive and storytelling fluid movements. Her mission is to guide you on a journey, both physical and spiritual, through belly dancing, helping you tap into your innate power and celebrating the beautiful essence of life.

Instagram: @yeni.bellydance

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