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Mermaid Choreography

Friday 12.30pm-2.30pm

Mermaid Choreography by Eva Corne with advice for the part of the hula dance by Nancy Kareora-Yorke of Mana o te Hula (The Power of Hula, a contemporary Cook Island and Tahitian Dance Group).

This choreography is a blend of belly dance and hula dance fusion.

The story of the dance: This is one of the legends of the Momoke people of the Cook Islands. When the moon is full, they emerge from the midst of the underworld to explore our world. When the dawn draws near, it’s time to return home before the bright fire that travels across the sky awakens. They must now return to the darkness they endure, the darkness of their home.

Please bring a Veil to this workshop.




Eva moved to Whangarei in 2000, originally from Indonesia. She learned belly dance in 2001. In 2018 when Whangarei did not have belly dance teachers, she started teaching, and she uses her middle name NUR for her troop, which means LIGHT, an Arabic Language with Indonesian spelling.

The troop members are from different nationalities and have a range of ages between 35 and 75 years young who are dedicated to learning and practices.

NUR Belly Dance has been entertaining around Whangarei and beyond, mostly performing for community events but also often asked for professional performances.

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