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Intro to Frame Drum PLUS Complimentary Cymbal Patterns for Middle Eastern Rhythms

Friday 10.15am-12.15pm

Introduction to the Frame Drum (1 hour)

Here we'll cover three different ways to play the frame drum and learn some common Middle Eastern rhythms. 

Don't have a frame drum? An (empty!) pizza box makes an excellent substitute, or you're welcome to bring a drum of a different kind. 

There may also be spare frame drums available on the day. 

Prefer to play finger cymbals? Please do!

Complementary Cymbal Patterns for Common Middle Eastern Rhythms (1 hour)

This is an open level class where we'll briefly revise finger cymbal basics then look at patterns and improvisations to complement the Middle Eastern rhythms we covered in the frame drum portion of

this workshop. 

For those who don't have finger cymbals, there may be spare sets available on the day or you're welcome to play along on a drum.

At the end of this workshop we hope to have time for questions and ideas about ways to get the most from your music practice.

All MEDANZ Festival 2024 workshop tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

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For as long as I can remember, I've danced. When I was little, my mother enrolled me in creative dancing classes and I was hooked! I gained my jazz teacher certificate in my mid-teens and attended ballet classes throughout school and university. While studying, I was attracted to Renaissance dancing, and after graduation I began my belly dance journey. 

Over the last twenty years, I've studied and danced with many of the local Christchurch dancers, as well as more widely throughout New Zealand. I currently hold Suhaila Level 1 and Jamila Level 1 certifications from the Salimpour School, Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance Collective Soul Level 3, and the Divine Chaos Fusion Skirt Endorsement. 

While the pandemic has caused some disruption to my learning in the last few years, I hope to continue dancing on into the future. My latest project is improving my frame drumming skills through the online courses offered by the Frame Drum Academy.

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