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Siobhan Camille

Siobhan Camille

Greenstone Belly Dance

Delft, The Netherlands

Siobhan Camille is a multi-award winning belly dancer, and is the founder of Greenstone Belly Dance. Her love of music is equaled only by her love of movement, making belly dance her perfect match. Siobhan Camille takes a particular interest in the health, strength and performance of dancers, as she is not only a professional belly dancer, but also an exercise scientist. She conducted the first ever peer-reviewed scientific research concerning injury incidence in belly dancers, and has a decade of experience working with athletes and dancers across the globe, helping them to recover from injury and improve their performance.

At Greenstone Belly Dance, our passion is sharing the art of raqs sharqi through performances, classes and workshops to help others learn more about Middle Eastern culture and dance, and to help others discover their own strength and confidence through engaging in movement.

Our vision for classes is to create a safe, stress-free space, where all participants are encouraged and uplifted. We offer group belly dance classes in Delft and online!


Online Courses:

Weekly online dance (raqs sharqi) classes, quarterly Dance Strong 6 Week Online Fitness Challenge for Belly Dancers. Online private lessons and coaching.

My Dance Specialty:

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