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Desert Divas Troupe

Desert Divas Troupe

Desert Divas NZ


The Desert Divas Troupe was formed in 2012 by a group of women passionate about Middle Eastern dance. They generally dance at haflas and community events, and enjoy inventing new choreographies in a range of styles. The Desert Divas NZ includes:
Nafisa – dancing for 20 years and still learning. Has tried and enjoyed most styles of Middle Eastern dance and likes using props. Loves being a Desert Diva and creating choreographies and performing with the troupe.
Johari – started dancing about 20 years ago. Has tried most dance styles over the years and enjoys the freedom of the dance. Loves putting together choreographies to all sorts of music.
Melissa – started dancing 21 years ago, loves learning new styles, from raqs sharqi to shaabi to Divine Chaos tribal skirt! Loves working with props & having fun with dance. She has only recently joined the Divas.
Bellydance Jini, dancing nearly 30 years, I have tried most styles of dance, but have always come back to cabaret style. I enjoy the music, fellowship and expressiveness that belly dancing gives. I really enjoy creating new choreographies with others, seeing how they interpret the music – I love dance!


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