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Drum Solo Choreography

Sunday 12 - 2.00pm (2 hours)

Drum solo is one of the most exciting parts of Raqs Sharki. It is when the dancers show their excellent skills of the body control. 

Drum solo is precise and powerful. The higher the dancer's skill is the more the audience has the impression that it is the dancer's body that produce the music bringing the energy up. And of course, the facial expression and the eye contact with the audience is very important. 

At the workshop we will learn a choreographed drum solo piece and will also concentrate on the emotional expression in the dance. Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced level.



Tais Derbasova is a multi-award winning international performer, choreographer and instructor of the Middle Eastern dance. 

Her previous training in gymnastics and classical ballet back in her home country Russia help her today to incorporate the fluid motion and natural rhythm into her performances and choreographies.

Over the years Tais has travelled internationally teaching and performing Middle Eastern dance in Australia, Egypt, Russia, Europe and Asia.

She has been an official New Zealand Representative, expert teacher and judge at one of the largest Global Dance conferences 'Dance for Unity' held in Shanghai, China.

She is the Director of Arabellas Dance School based in Auckland. Tais and her Arabellas dancers have performed at festivals and other major events throughout New Zealand and internationally.

Tais believes that bellydance is about freeing women to be women and allow the true feminine power of any woman to shine.

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