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Rosina June & Dani

Wicked Games Choreography

Saturday 9-10.30am

Dani and Rosina are excited to share their latest choreography collaboration to MEDANZ. Inspired by San Francisco style belly dance we have put together an elegant choreography to a beautiful string quartet composition by Irianian-German composer Ramin Djawadi. Known for his Emmy award winning compositions, Djawadi has created this elegant haunting cover of The Weekend’s Wicked Games.

This instrumental song full of soothing cellos, emotive violins and dramatic drums reveals a conversation between accents and harmonic melody lines.

Strong on musicality, this choreography is infused with pop and locks, slinkly taxim, floor work, fusion technique plus the addition of some modern dance influences. We will also leave room for you to put your own voice in the choreography with thematically structured improvisation if you choose.

Intermediate/advanced level but enthusiastic beginners are welcome!

We recommend bringing socks to protect your feet. We will also provide alternative movement for floor work.


Rosina June & Dani

Dani and Rosina have been making art in the transcultural fusion style for over a decade each. Their shared love of San Francisco style belly dance is what formed this dynamic duo. 

Dani started her belly dance journey learning from Audre Simmons in Canada before moving to San Francisco to immerse herself in Belly Dance. Dani was part of the legendary group Jill Parker’s Foxglove Sweethearts and has also performed in the Phoenix Belly Dance professional troupe.

Rosina started her belly dance journey in the Salimpour format, and has been attending overseas belly dance festivals and intensives since 2011 learning from a huge variety of teachers and styles. Rosina’s career highlights have been living and performing in New York, gaining certification in Rachel Brice’s 8 elements format and being Creative Director for music label Burn My Records.

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