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Elegant Sequences

Sunday 12 - 2.00pm (2 hours)

Join Mirian for a lively workshop that will help you refine your skills and expand your dance vocabulary. We will delve into the world of elegant and fluid sequences inspired by the iconic Mahmoud Reda style. 

Our focus will be on precise movements, flowing transitions, and classy arm movements that are sure to captivate your audience. These versatile sequences can be adapted to different songs and styles and will be a valuable addition to your choreography and improvisation skills. This is a unique opportunity to challenge yourself, receive feedback, and leave inspired.



Dedicated to learning, teaching and performing oriental Egyptian and folkloric dances for the past 21 years, Mirian started her dance career in her home country Brazil, at Rakaça Temple of Dance school. Living in the US at the age of 18, she performed regularly in events and Middle Eastern restaurants. 

Mirian moved to New Zealand in 2014, where her passion for this dance form led her to start her own dance school in the capital, Wellington. Egypt has been a source of inspiration for her studies for many years, as well as a recent fascination with Indian art forms.

"It is the greatest joy in my life to see women find their rhythm and inner power through dance."

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