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Social Connection through Improvisation

Saturday 12m-2pm

Calling all dancers who want to have fun, make friends, and build confidence! Learn games and strategies that help new students feel comfortable following their instincts, and encourage experienced dancers to delight in breaking the rules. Great for halfas, private party icebreakers, weekly class warmups, and structured improv choreography development. 

Improvised movements bridge the style gap by finding the common points in our repertoire. Mirror and contrast with partners, recognize common song structures to dynamically build combos, get silly with your culture's fad dance moves - and so much more. 

No experience or equipment necessary, smiles provided :-)

All MEDANZ Festival 2024 workshop tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

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New Plymouth

I've spent twenty years learning various styles and refining my improvisation instincts. Finding the joy in culture, confidence, and community is what makes this dance my favorite for life! Letting your freak flag fly is the best way to find your people and purpose. Originally from California, now teaching in New Plymouth.

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