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Your Veil as a Dance Partner

Saturday 11am-12.30pm

Is your veil sassy? Cantankerous? Always flying in your face at the worst moment? Maybe it wants some loving attention! Learn how to treat your veil like a partner rather than a prop, perhaps even a character in the story you are dancing.

The silk is sensitive, and our body carriage is informed by our emotions. The way we flick our wrists or respond to breezes will vary not only with the mood of the song, but the anxiety of the dancer.

Learn ways to improvise out of a veil fail, and playful strategies for letting the fabric take the lead once in awhile. There will also be opportunities to share our favorite tricks with each other.

Perfect for all styles that use silk veil, beginner to advanced. Please bring your own - any size and shape.



Juniper Nichols is a dancer from the California Bay Area, now teaching in New Plymouth. She has twenty years of experience in this field, starting with an American Cabaret and raqs sharqi background, quickly moving into fusion of various sorts. These three areas continue to fascinate her as a teacher, and she is continually training with teachers "back home" and around the online world.

See her 2021 MEDANZ festival performance "Fear Inoculum" to see all three elements fused in her personal style, as she tells a story with multiple veils.

Fear Inoculum link

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