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Introduction to Assaya (Cane)

Saturday 11am-12.30pm

Learn cane technique and steps, and put them into a fun choreography. 

Please BYO cane. 

If you do not have a cane, you can make one from a piece of dowel from Bunnings. It needs to be approximately the height of your belly button. 18-22mm diameter dowel works best for most people.



Jane has always been fascinated ny the Middle East and in 1996 she began learning the art of Belly Dance with the legendary Shamira in Adelaide, Australia. 

Over the years she has also learnt from famed dancers including Beata and Horacio Cifuentes (Germany), Amera (Australia), Yasmina (Cairo), Hadia (Canada), Leyla Jouvana (Germany) and Suhalia Salimpour (USA). 

Jane began teaching at Shamira's studio, Belly Dance Arabesque in 2002 and continued teaching there until her move to New Zealand in 2015. Since then she has continued to teach and perform with her studio, Amulet Belly Dance in Wellington.

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