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All about presence: entering the stage with energy and style

Friday 12.30pm-2.30pm

This workshop will focus on stating your presence as you enter the stage, using your body and musicality as your props.

Entrances set the scene for the performance, showcasing your costume and dance style, and giving the audience a taste of what's to come. Well-prepared entrances can also be very helpful when you haven't choreographed the whole song but want to ensure you have a strong start.

This workshop will look at different songs and explore contrasting styles to enter the stage so your presence and energy captivate your audiance from the start. You will learn partial choreographies to the first 30-60 seconds of selected songs and perform them in different ways.

This workshop assumes participants will have at least a basic level of technique and dance expereince and is aimed at intermediate and above students. We will break down some of the technique and foot work required for the choreographies, and understand the musicality guiding the choice of movements.

If you want ideas for combinations, want to challenge and express yourself in different ways, or just want to have fun dancing, then this is the workshop for you.




Belly dance has been in my life since 1999, and my dance is guided by my love of Egyptian and Middle Eastern music. I also studied jazz to complement my development as a dancer. I am also a Clinical Psychologist and recently presented at the Australian Belly Dance Convention, focusing on the Neuroscience Benefits of Belly Dancing.

My teaching style is very clear and I aim for my movement and choreographies to makes sense. Every step, hand, and body movement is accounted for, which my students find extremely helpful, and we know exactly what part of the song and instrument we are dancing to. This approach is beneficial for improving mindful connection with our bodies, and, together with the musicality, leading us to be more integrated dancers.

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