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Teachers' Network

APB Dance and Melbourne Salimpour Collective


Philosophy: Enable all dancers to access and find a place in a dance class, while producing strong dancers who have safe technical skills, culture and musicality.
Amanda has been dancing for 10 years and is a current student in the Salimpour School of Bellydance (USA), where she regularly makes trips to keep her certifications up to date.

Ibis Tribe


Philosophy: To empower my class by teaching moves and steps that will enable them to dance, improvise (when they're ready) and most of all have fun. I promote good posture in the dance and find it is a way to reduce and prevent back and other musculoskeletal pain.
I began Raqs Sharqi in 1990 taught by Suraya Hilal in the UK and have learned from many teachers since then both in Britain and since I moved to New Zealand in 2003.
I mostly now teach Global Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance, but also have years of Folk/Circle dance teaching experience.
Qualifications: Collective Soul 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, Teacher Training 1, 2 & 3 and Tribal Grooves Teacher Training.

Phoenix Professional Troupe


My mixed-level classes are fun and focused on executing beautiful basics and learning combinations in the style of contemporary fusion belly dance/transnational fusion dance. In my classes you'll sweat, work on clean isolations, and integrate movements across the floor.

Desert Divas NZ

Desert Divas Troupe

The Desert Divas Troupe was formed in 2012 by a group of women passionate about Middle Eastern dance. They generally dance at haflas and community events, and enjoy inventing new choreographies in a range of styles. The Desert Divas NZ includes:
Nafisa – dancing for 20 years and still learning. Has tried and enjoyed most styles of Middle Eastern dance and likes using props. Loves being a Desert Diva and creating choreographies and performing with the troupe.
Johari – started dancing about 20 years ago. Has tried most dance styles over the years and enjoys the freedom of the dance. Loves putting together choreographies to all sorts of music.
Melissa – started dancing 21 years ago, loves learning new styles, from raqs sharqi to shaabi to Divine Chaos tribal skirt! Loves working with props & having fun with dance. She has only recently joined the Divas.
Bellydance Jini, dancing nearly 30 years, I have tried most styles of dance, but have always come back to cabaret style. I enjoy the music, fellowship and expressiveness that belly dancing gives. I really enjoy creating new choreographies with others, seeing how they interpret the music – I love dance!

Phoenix Professional Troupe

Elea Le Bout

Elea hails from France and has been a dancer most of her life, starting with ballet for four years and eventually falling in love with belly dance. She is always excited to see students learn and shine, doing everything she can to help them on their way.

She is continuously trying to improve her dance style and technique by attempting new styles or taking workshops with different teachers from all over the world. She has learnt from well known dance instructors, such as Jillina, Aziza of Cairo, Kami Liddle, Diva Darina....

Elea has performed professionally for many years as a soloist, and joined the Phoenix Troupe in 2017.


Eva moved to Whangarei in 2000, originally from Indonesia. She learned belly dance in 2001. In 2018 when Whangarei did not have belly dance teachers, she started teaching, and she uses her middle name NUR for her troop, which means LIGHT, an Arabic Language with Indonesian spelling.

The troop members are from different nationalities and have a range of ages between 35 and 75 years young who are dedicated to learning and practices.

NUR Belly Dance has been entertaining around Whangarei and beyond, mostly performing for community events but also often asked for professional performances.

Desert Veils Bellydance and Desert Veils Bellydancers


Philosophy: Farida encourages her students to develop precise technique to underpin the emotional expression of the dance. To develop the dance to where the student wants to go. To interpret the music and communicate the dance in an authentic way and to encourage innovation and individuality within the art.
Farida is one of NZ’s most experienced dancers. She returned to Christchurch in 1989 to establish a school for teaching bellydance and a performance troupe. She continues to update her bellydance skills with regular travel to workshops and performances in the Middle East, Europe, USA and Australia. Farida is known for lyrical, charismatic dancing and authentic musical interpretation, coupled with precise technique.


Karnak Belly Dance


Mandy and I want to share the beauty and joy of Egyptian dance and music with you. Classes on Saturday mornings in Wellington city.


Philosophy: To provide a safe environment for dancers to learn and grow.
I was drawn to bellydancing in 2005 and have now found Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance. I love the moves, the rhythms and the music, and look forward to sharing that passion.

Dance with Juniper and The Progressive Raqs Project


My classical performances and introductory classes are rooted in movements from various cultures of Southwest Asia (aka the Middle East) and North Africa. The 2022 introductory class series are based on Egyptian pop hits, both retro and current chart toppers. Open level for beginners and beyond, we learn technique for improvisation, social dance, and choreography. Performance optional.

My personal fusion style embraces the emotional and technical challenges of progressive rock music. Using tools from my training in MENAHT source culture dances and modern fusion trends, blended with my own intuitive flow, The Progressive Raqs Project is my exploration of this performance art. I am interested in building further collaboration, both locally and remotely.

Soul Star Tribe


Philosophy: I aim to share my love of tribal in a fun, creative, and nurturing group environment.
I began belly dancing with my daughter over 10 years ago and fell in love with Tribal. I have been taught and trained by many amazing teachers from New Zealand and overseas (eg Pip E-Lysaah, Ziva, Devi Mamak, Caralena Nericcio-Bohlman, Paulette Rees Denis, Kristine Adams). Now I have gained teachers' certification in American Tribal Style and Gypsy Caravan tribal styles.

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