2021 Festival Events

Friday 23 April


Meet & Greet


Swap and Shop!

Saturday 24 April


8.10am Fusion Drills with Pip E-Lysaah

8.15am Saidi Style Choreography with Tais

9.20am An Introduction to Finger Cymbals with Emmola

10.30am Tribal ABC's with Christine

10.30am Classical Choreography with Mirian

 1PM MEDANZ AGM - Members Only


2021 Festival Show

Dress & Technical Rehearsal in Theatre

7PM - MEDANZ Festival Show 2021



10am Introduction to Kalbleliya dance with Mirian

10am Al Ayame with Drum Solo with Farida

11.15am Crafting a Story with Pip E-Lysaah

12.30pm Dazzling Drum Solo with Candice

12.30pm Slink from Head to Toe with Rosina June

2.15pm Divine Chaos Skirt with Samantha Flower Nova

2.15pm Sword Choreography with Vanessa

4.30pm Must Know Belly Dance Song:Baed Anak (part 1) with Candice

4.30pm Progressive Raqs - Tools for Challenging Music with Juniper

6.30PM - MEDANZ Festival Hafla



8am Tai Chi with Gretchen

8am Must Know Belly Dance Song: Baed Anak. How to dance to it (Part 2) with Candice

9.45am Belly Dance as a Movement Therapy with Eliana

9.45am The Rogue & the Wizard with Samantha Flower Nova

12pm Elegant Entrances for Mejances and Stage Confidence with Vanessa

12pm Progressive Raqs - Concepts and Games for Improvisation with Juniper

1.30pm Spanish Rose with Christine

1.30pm Tame your arms and get your head around your feet with Tais

3.45pm Zaira - Veil Choreography with Debbie

3.45pm Pies 2: Beyond 4/4 |Music Theory for Dancers with Emmola

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