2021 Festival Events

Friday 23 April


Meet & Greet


Swap and Shop!

Saturday 24 April


8.10am Fusion Drills with Pip E-Lysaah

** NEW ** 8.15am StopStopStop Choreo. with Gretchen

9.20am An Introduction to Finger Cymbals with Emmola

10.30am Tribal ABC's with Christine

10.30am Classical Choreography with Mirian

 1PM MEDANZ AGM - Members Only


2021 Festival Show

Dress & Technical Rehearsal in Theatre

7PM - MEDANZ Festival Show 2021

Sunday 25 April


10am Introduction to Kalbleliya dance with Mirian

10am Al Ayame with Drum Solo with Farida

11.15am Crafting a Story with Pip E-Lysaah

12.30pm Dazzling Drum Solo with Candice

12.30pm Slink from Head to Toe with Rosina June

2.15pm Divine Chaos Skirt with Samantha Flower Nova

2.15pm Sword Choreography with Vanessa

4.30pm Must Know Belly Dance Song:Baed Anak (part 1) with Candice

4.30pm Progressive Raqs - Tools for Challenging Music with Juniper

6.30PM - MEDANZ Festival Hafla

Monday 26 April


8am Tai Chi with Gretchen

8am Must Know Belly Dance Song: Baed Anak. How to dance to it (Part 2) with Candice

9.45am The Rogue & the Wizard with Samantha Flower Nova

12pm Elegant Entrances for Mejances and Stage Confidence with Vanessa

12pm Progressive Raqs - Concepts and Games for Improvisation with Juniper

**NEW**1.30pm Fusion Fun with Rosina June

1.30pm Spanish Rose with Christine

3.45pm Zaira - Veil Choreography with Debbie

3.45pm Pies 2: Beyond 4/4 |Music Theory for Dancers with Emmola

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We have created a 1 page tick sheet for you to keep track of your RSVP's.

MEDANZ Members - Login and go to Members Events to find a list of your RSVP's

Important: please read!

Purchase your Festival Ticket first, then visit each of the events you wish to attend and RSVP to CONFIRM that event - you will need your Festival Ticket Order Number to be able to RSVP to any event. Invalid Order Numbers on RSVP's will be automatically cancelled.


1. Purchase your choice of Festival Pass (Show and Hafla Tickets are additional to some passes)


2. RSVP to confirm your attendance at each event or workshop - visit the Festival Events page for an overview and quick links to events.


You can add or delete RSVP's through to 28 February 2021 until each event is at capacity - please remember to delete conflicting RSVP's so that there are plenty of places for everyone to attend their choice of workshop or event. 

RSVP's from 1 March through to 21 April will be subject to availability only.


MEDANZ Members are offered a 20% membership discount at the checkout - you need to be logged into the Members Area in order to receive this discount. MEDANZ will NOT refund tickets or refund the difference in the ticket price if you buy full price tickets by mistake.


Payment options:


PayPal - subject to transaction and credit card charges - details are provided at checkout.


Direct Credit to the MEDANZ bank account - failure to complete payment will result in the cancellation of your  tickets. Details provided by email.


Show performers are not required to purchase a Show Ticket.

Everyone wishing to attend the Hafla needs to purchase a Ticket and RSVP to confirm their attendance as places are limited.


COVID-19 Precautions:


Should the festival need to be cancelled due to covid restrictions, the Committee will advise the membership of the cancellation in a timely fashion.


We recommend that any travel or accommodation arrangements that you make, be purchased/reserved with the option to change dates or request a refund. 


All tickets issued by MEDANZ to events will be fully refundable (less processing fees) should the Festival need to be cancelled due to COVID-19.


Workshop spaces:  numbers will be limited to ensure that sufficient personal space is provided in all workshops. All attendees are required to confirm their place in each workshop or event so that maximum numbers are not exceeded.


Regarding Masks: unless advised otherwise, we encourage the use of masks for anyone wishing to use them during the event.