Posture for Belly Dancers Workshop - Next Steps




2 hours

About the Workshop

In this workshop, I will use what I have learnt from 4 years of dancing ballet, as well as some of my personal research, to give students some tools and exercises to improve their posture.

We will talk about how improving our posture helps to best protect our bodies when dancing, but also brings grace and fluidity in our dancing.

Your Instructor



Elea hails from France and has been a dancer most of her life, starting with ballet for four years and eventually falling in love with belly dance. She is always excited to see students learn and shine, doing everything she can to help them on their way.

She is continuously trying to improve her dance style and technique by attempting new styles or taking workshops with different teachers from all over the world. She has learnt from well known dance instructors, such as Jillina, Aziza of Cairo, Kami Liddle, Diva Darina....

Elea has performed professionally for many years as a soloist, and joined the Phoenix Troupe in 2017.