Oct 2, 2020

Dance Challenge No 2 Twists and Forward/Back Step


Here is the music: https://youtu.be/Y563i7d_ajs Here is the second of our Members Only dance challenges - this time with some live music. There are two movements to use whenever possible, although you may use whatever you like during the solos/taksim, the first is the forward/back step, also known as scissors, basic, karsilma it has many names, the second movement is the twist - hip, shoulder, any other part of the body you can twist forward to back, or back to forward! You can use them separately or try layering the twist onto the step! The forward/back step goes like this, step forward with the right foot, weight transfers back to the left foot, step back with your right foot, weight transfers forward to your left foot. To transition either take the second right step in place and hold, lifting the left ready to step left for the other side, or use a triplet or 3 step change. Here is a link on how to dance this if its still unclear, with a couple of variations: https://youtu.be/azrC6olgCd8

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