The 2017 MEDANZ Student Scholarship winner is Emily Whitlow.

MEDANZ is proud to present Emily Whitlow, our 2017 Student Scholarship winner.

Emily has tried many styles of dance but fallen in love with Belly Dance. Her dedication and enthusiasm for this art form is admirable and we look forward to supporting her on her dance journey. MEDANZ offers the student scholarship every year as one of the ways we support our members and grow our community.

Emily Whitlow


My name is Emily and I am a 21 year old baker from Christchurch. I dance with TribalDiva Belly Dance Company where I attend several classes each week.

I started taking dance classes 10 years ago and I have since tried many different styles which include: Ceroc, Historical, Jazz (which I hold an elementary diploma in) and of course Belly Dance! I have tried a few different styles of Belly Dancing but I mostly do Tribal and fusion at the moment.

I have a tendency to throw myself into the deep end sometimes when it comes to trying something new, I had only 8 lessons before doing my first ever dance exam! I love belly dancing and I love the deep sense of community and support that comes with it.

For the coming year I plan to travel more in order to meet the wider community, everyone does things differently and I would love to learn from different people and their branches and styles of dance. I also plan to improve my stage presence (remember to smile!)

Thank you to everyone who has made my journey awesome so far and thank you to MEDANZ for this great opportunity.