Congratulations Nikki - 2015 MEDANZ Student Scholarship Recipient!

Nikki used her Scholarship to attend the Woollongong MED Festival in Australia, where she took classes with the divine Marta Korzun, and Aussie tutors Virginia Keft-Kennedy, Rose Ottaviano, Alma Sarhan and Jrisi Jusakos. Nikki also attended the Phoenix Belly Dance retreat in Auckland with Hadia, and private lessons with her teacher Traysi.

Nikki continues to teach and dance with the SnakeCharmer Belly Dance Troupe, and we've even talked her into joining committee!

NIKKI DOUGLAS: WELLINGTONScholarship_nominee_photo_-_Nikki_Douglas.jpg

I have been belly dancing for a little over 10 years – I was with Wellington teacher Huda Sabour for around four years before joining Snake Charmer Belly Dance. When I was a kid I used to love dancing around the living room, and in the weekends I couldn't wait for my family to go out to their various sporting activities so I could crank up the stereo. But there was no money for dance lessons when I was young, so when I started belly dance at age 32 I was very surprised to discover I could do it and ever since then I have been hooked! It was a few years before I was brave enough to be part of a group choreography and a bit longer still before I danced a solo at one of the Snake Charmer haflas. 

Being an introvert means this stuff doesn't come naturally to me but I have had lots of support from my wonderful teacher Traysi Ewayan and all of the fabulous women at Snake Charmer. I now really enjoy performing and teaching, and when I dance around my living room it is always to Middle Eastern music.

I am a bit reluctant to categorise my dance style because I've really enjoyed most of the different styles of dance I have experienced, but if I win the scholarship I am keen to develop my skills in oriental dance.