Congratulations Siobhan - 2014 MEDANZ Student Scholarship Recipient!

Siobhan used her Scholarship to purchase a Karim Nagi DVD on Arab Folk Dance : Dabke, Khaliji, Saidi & Sufi, a Private Lesson with the legendary Aziza, and some private lessons closer to home with Zumarrad.

Siobhan went on to tertiary study in Canada, where she was exposed to some great belly dancers, and has now become a regular feature at our annual MEDANZ Festival, both teaching and performing, with a penchant for drum solos and delving into the classics.

SIOBHAN MILNER: DUNEDINScreen_Shot_2014-01-29_at_10.24.51_AM.png

I am about to enter my fourth year of a Bachelor of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Science, starting my Honours research project in belly dance. I’m 21, and began belly dancing with Abbraccia School of Dance in Lyttelton in 2010. Additionally, I began studying with the The Ruby Lady in Dunedin in 2012 and I have been performing since 2011.

 2014 will be an interesting and challenging year without an oriental tutor in Dunedin, and in addition to self-directed belly dance practice I plan to take private classes with tutors around the country whenever I get the opportunity. I feel blessed to be part of the Dunedin dance scene, with ties to both the contemporary and belly dance communities. I hope to perform more and improve my technique in both styles of dance over the coming year. My goal for the next year is to gain more experience in choreographing my own pieces, and develop a deeper understanding of Middle Eastern dance.