The MEDANZ Committee has quite a few years of dance classes and workshops under their collective coin belts, and recognise that this kind of education does not come cheap. We also know that for some students of the dance one of the things holding back their dance development is the cost of additional lessons and workshops.  With this in mind, MEDANZ has set up a student scholarship. 

The scholarship (value approximately $1000) is made up of

  1. $500 to put towards dance education
  2. Festival workshop pass, valued at approximately $400, allowing for free access to all workshops offered at the next MEDANZ Festival (travel, accommodation and expenses are not included)
  3. The choice of and access to a MEDANZ Committee member as a mentor for the year.  

The other finalists of the selection process (maximum two applicants) will receive a one day workshop pass for the next MEDANZ Festival.

The Committee hopes that this amount will give the recipient many choices on how to progress their dance studies.  The amount awarded is intended to support either regular weekly classes, attending workshops in New Zealand, part of an overseas trip to study relevant dance styles, or private lessons. The recipient will also be able to choose a MEDANZ committee member as a mentor for the year, to offer advice and support on developing their dance and utilising the scholarship fund.  What a fantastic opportunity!

All applicants for the scholarship will need to meet the criteria set by the MEDANZ Committee.  In addition, MEDANZ will expect the recipient to fulfil a number of obligations within the 12 months following their award; all of these details are explained below.

We hope you are as excited about the scholarship as we are, and look forward to receiving your applications by the bucket load!


.Applications for the 2019/20 Student Scholarship are now open!

Applications close 31 December 2018.




A .pdf copy of these Guidelines for the MEDANZ Student Scholarship can be downloaded here. 

The MEDANZ Student Scholarship criteria:

Eligible students application must be supported by their teacher.

All applicants must be a resident of New Zealand, valid through to April 2019.

All applicants must be studying Middle Eastern Dance and/or associated styles with a teacher currently listed on the MEDANZ Teachers’ Network.

Applicants must be a current MEDANZ member (full or family membership).

There is no age restriction.

The scholarship is open to all genres of Middle Eastern Dance and/or associated styles, e.g. Cabaret, Folkloric, Tribal and Fusion.

Teachers may support the application of more than one student per year.  Each application will be considered individually, and DVD's or documentation submitted to support the application will not be shared with or considered for other applications (see requirements below).

Current MEDANZ Committee members are ineligible to be nominated for the scholarship themselves, or provide letters of support for scholarship applicants unless circumstances are exceptional and the relevant committee member is in no way involved in the selection process. 


Scholarship applications can be submitted once a year by the dates listed below.  Each application must be accompanied by the following supporting material:

  1. Letter from the applicant on why they want the scholarship, what their development goals are, and how they intend to spend the scholarship (letter, essay, profile or similar).
  2. Letter of support from the teacher explaining why the student is the best candidate for the MEDANZ Student Scholarship.
  3. Letter of support from a fellow dance student that describes the nominee’s reason for studying Middle Eastern Dance and/or associated styles.
  4. Video footage of the applicant performing in front of an audience, either in a solo dance or in a group (where the applicant is clearly identifiable).  If the footage includes group performances please ensure that both a photo and a description of the applicants position in the group are provided to ensure easy identification.

Applications should be submitted with all required material in one submission and can be sent to the Committee by email (with a digital file of the applications performance) or by post (with a DVD of the applicants performance). The video footage may be submitted by publishing it online with a link sent by email to the as part of the applicants submission.

If you need any assistance completing the requirements please drop us a line, we're very happy to help!


Timeline for the 2019 MEDANZ Student Scholarship process:

August 2018 onwards - MEDANZ Student Scholarship advertised online and in MEDANZ News.

31 December 2018 - Nominations close.

January 2019 - Committee members independently review the nominations and video footage. Committee will meet to discuss the nominations and choose three finalists including the 2018/19 MEDANZ Student Scholarship recipient via personal committee votes.  The recipient will remain confidential to the committee until Festival 2018.

February 2019 - All nominees and their teacher(s) will be advised by email whether or not they are a finalist.  Finalists will be announced in the MEDANZ News and online (Note: a short bio and photo will be required from finalists if not already provided).  Feedback is available on request for both successful and unsuccessful nominees.

April 2019 - The finalists are given the opportunity to perform, preferably solo or by application as part of a small group (less than 5 dancers), at the MEDANZ Festival in Auckland (at a time designated by the Committee). We are sure that the rest of the membership will have great interest in seeing the nominees perform and be very supportive.  The applicants performance is not compulsory and should be of a style which supports the wider application made.

At some stage during the festival, the finalists will be invited on stage along with their teacher/s and the MEDANZ Student Scholarship recipient will be announced.  The scholarship can be awarded in absentia if the recipient is unable to attend the Festival.  All finalists will also receive a certificate as a token of our appreciation.


MEDANZ Student Scholarship Obligations:

The Scholarship recipient is obliged to use the scholarship money for some form of relevant dance education during the Scholarship year (May-April).  Payments will be made (usually as reimbursements) following application to the committee, via the Committee mentor.  Requests for reimbursement from the scholarship fund must be received by 30 April 2020 at the latest.

During the scholarship year, the scholarship recipient will contribute a regular column in the MEDANZ News describing their goals, accomplishments and ongoing challenges.

At the end of the scholarship year the scholarship recipient will perform a solo in the MEDANZ Festival Show, and assist with awarding the next MEDANZ Student Scholarship.


In support of our Teachers:

In addition to being represented by their student at two consecutive Festivals, the scholarship recipient’s teacher will have the opportunity to host a MEDANZ Mini-Festival with a Network Teacher of their choosing during the scholarship year.  This will be held on a weekend to suit both teachers, facilitated by the MEDANZ Committee, and includes a private lesson for the host teacher with the MiniFest teacher.  MiniFestivals actively support and promote the host teacher’s classes to the local community and further teacher development.  More details about the MEDANZ Mini-festivals are available at



The Committee will assess each application without bias, and make their recommendations on each applicant’s own merits.  The MEDANZ Committee’s decision will be final, and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into regarding the results.

Any questions regarding the requirements, guidelines and obligations of the scholarship should be addressed to the MEDANZ committee via or by writing to us at:

Suite 3051
P.O. Box 13-240
Johnsonville, Wellington 6440