The 2016/17 MEDANZ Committee have reviewed the MEDANZ Grant offering, and after taking into consideration the feedback and requests from the membership over a number of years, we are pleased to announce a newly expanded MEDANZ Community Grant for 2016 and beyond, get the full details here.


The MEDANZ Community Grant is of particular interest to Teachers looking to host visiting tutors from New Zealand as well as internationally, dancers and Teachers who are interested in pursuing dance related teacher training in NZ and overseas, plus dancers/teachers who are planning to travel overseas to represent NZ in the dance field.  We have also given some provision for financial assistance to be given to remote groups to engage choreographers, take online classes, or help fund group travel for belly dance specific training.


The amount of grant funding available from May 2017 is now directly linked to the amount of involvement from the membership, therefore the greater number of people who participate in MEDANZ and its festivals, the higher our investment back into our community can be. Make sure you talk to all of your dance friends about becoming a member and participating in our next national Festival.




The MEDANZ Student Scholarship provides incentives and Middle Eastern dance training opportunities to students wishing to further their study of these dance styles in New Zealand.  There is no age limit, with easily achieveable criteria to qualify, it is a great opportunity to get involved and be rewarded for your efforts! Check out the opportunities here!


If you have a funding enquiry, please email:, we are happy to hear from you.