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There are some questions that the Committee find themselves answering again and again, so we have compiled a list of these questions on this page to hopefully make things a little easier.  If you are unable to find an answer below to your question, please email:, we are happy to assist you.


1. Website Password  4. Payment Receipts 7. MEDANZ News articles
2. Membership Year and Subscriptions 5. Join/Renewal Form 8. Facebook Groups 
3. Payment Options 6. Where can I find? 9 MEDANZ Event Calendar


1. Website Password

Q: I can’t remember the password to access the Members Area of this website?

A: The Members Login page requires a generic password that is the same for every member of MEDANZ.  We only use the left hand side of this form, the 'Forgot your Password' feature will not work as our website will not recognise your email address.
As a MEDANZ Member the Username and Password are sent to you each year in your Welcome Letter, following your completion of our Join/Renew form and your subscription payment.  
The password changes each subscription year, around the end of September.

2. Membership Year and Subscriptions 

Q: How much is a MEDANZ subscription and when does my subscription end?

A Full MEDANZ subscription costs $35 annually, the Family membership for members living in the same household is $15 per additional member.
The membership year starts on 1 July and finishes on 30 June each year. 
Membership subscriptions are the same cost regardless of the date you join or renew your membership during the year. 

3. Payment Options

Q: How can I pay my subs and do you accept credit card payments?

We prefer payment by deposit into our Kiwibank account:
Account number: 38-9015-0085634-00
Account name: Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand Incorporated
Reference: ‘SUBS' plus "your name" and your membership ID number “XXX” if available. Your membership ID number will be printed on all receipts issued to you by MEDANZ and is contained in your Welcome to MEDANZ letter. 
MEDANZ also accepts credit card payments via PayPal. Please email for further information on this payment method, or to request a PayPal invoice be sent to you.

4. Payment Receipts

Q: I need an invoice/receipt for my dance business, do you issue these?

Yes.  We issue receipts for all payments made to MEDANZ. 

5. Join/Renewal Form

Q: Why do I need to complete the Join/Renewal Form each year? Why can’t I just pay my subs?

We understand that it is highly likely your basic details have not changed in the past 12 months (i.e. you didn’t unexpectedly move house, or loose your mobile phone, or you suddenly started teaching because your teacher was offered an amazing contract to perform in Cairo for the foreseeable future - it happens occasionally!) However, the MEDANZ membership form contains more than just your name, address and phone number, we request publishing permissions, your MEDANZ News delivery preference, and information regarding our membership's demographics.
At this time, your committee consider that this is the best way for us to keep your details up-to-date, for you to ensure our communications reach you without delay, and that your publication permissions are in our records. 

6. Where can I find?

Q: Where on this website can I find information about: (hint: just click on the word-link)

MEDANZ News (Members Area - Username & Password required - see above))
MEDANZ Committee Meeting Minutes (Members Area - Username & Password required)
MEDANZ AGM Information (Members Area - Username & Password required)

7. MEDANZ News articles 

Q: I would like to send an article to be published in the MEDANZ News - how long can it be, and what format should my photos be?

We accept articles for the MEDANZ News by Email, Word and .PDF.  Ideal length is 300-500 words, with images in .jpg format with at least 200dpi resolution.  Other formats and resolutions can be accommodated on request, if you are not sure, please contact us: Attn: MEDANZ News Editor

8. Facebook Groups 

Q: How do I join the MEDANZ Facebook Group? Can I join the MEDANZ Teacher Network Facebook Group?

MEDANZ currently operates three Facebook Groups and one Facebook Page.
MEDANZ Members Only - This is a closed discussion group for members. if you wish to join this group and are a current member, please send your request to join this group via Facebook.
MEDANZ Group - Contemporary and Traditional Belly Dance - This is a closed discussion group for anyone interested in Belly Dance - please send your request to join this group via Facebook.
MEDANZ Teacher Network Group - This is a closed discussion group for members of the MEDANZ Teacher Network - if you identify yourself as a teacher on your membership form and would like to join this group, please send your request via Facebook.
MEDANZ - Contemporary and Traditional Belly Dance - our public Facebook Page - simply like and follow to keep up to date with belly dance events happening around the country:
If you choose not to renew your subscription, and let your membership lapse, you will automatically be removed from the 'Members Only' and 'Teachers' Network' Groups at the end of the membership year grace period.

9 MEDANZ Event Calendar

Q: How do I get my event listed on the MEDANZ Event Calendar?

Email with the details of your event, or share it with us on Facebook, and we will add your event to our website calendar.  Yes it is that simple!



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