MEDANZ is fully volunteer run.  The day to day running of the Association is managed by a committee of members and their details are listed below.  Other members also regularly contribute to the organisation via submissions to Newsletters, the website or on sub-committee (e.g. for organising Festival).

A new committee is elected annually in April at the MEDANZ Annual General Meeting (AGM).

MEDANZ Committee 2019-2020


Agate Ponder-Sutton

Vice President

Sharon Gaynor


Jan Grant


Jan Grant, Sharon Gaynor

General Members

Fernanda Mottin

Setsuna Dance

Maree Patton



Previous Year's committee members can be found here.

President - Agate Ponder-Sutton


I found Middle Eastern dance through history and music. I do historical research mostly involving dance and sword techniques. I've been told my dance style is golden era, but in practice, I tend to be improv and folkloric with departures into electronic music. I tend toward a martial presentation of swords as a dance prop.
I've taken classes with Karim Nagi, Joana of Cairo, Paivi Mielikainen, Zumarad, Saqra, Davi, Alice Knox, Dorian, Tamara, Margaret Galal, Mirian Caberlon Chamberlain, Virginia Keft, Kami Liddle,Zaghareet Daniela, Bilge Özgün, Amaya, Dahlia, Dr Manouchehr Mostagh Khorasani, Dr Guy Winsor, other wonderful people in the sword, dance and music communities.  



Vice-President Sharon Gaynor



I’m relatively new to belly dancing having started in 2016 after my daughter Jamie took me to a “Mother & Daughter” belly dance class on Mother’s Day. While I hugely admire the beautiful oriental dancers, I would never have the courage (or the fitness!) to dance oriental style – but then I was introduced to Tribal style, and love how it is easy to learn with cues for each step, you dance in a group, it is gentle on my old unfit body, I love the costuming, hair gardens & makeup, and I get to dance with an amazing group of people!

I am a student of the Tribal Diva Belly Dance School in Christchurch, taking 5 classes a week (Tribal and Fusion), have attended the MEDANZ Festival in Christchurch & Napier, and this year even went along to an ATS sister school in Munich, and took part in workshops by international tutors! I joined the committee because I believe that having a National Association is a great thing for fostering the community spirit that is a huge part of belly dance in NZ.

Treasurer - Jan Farida Grant


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General Committee member - Fernanda Mottin

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General Committee member - Maree Patton

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General Committee member - Setsuna Dance

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