Welcome to the MEDANZ Archive page.

Due to the wealth of information now available on-line, low usage rates and and the cost of maintaining our aging library items, the MEDANZ committee has disbanded the library, but still maintains an archive of MEDANZ video footage and paperwork such as newsletters.

This is available as a resource to members, and we are in the process of transferring this material to electronic media, both to preserve them for the future and to make it easier and cheaper to share them with members.

To borrow an item from the archive or to make an enquiry, simply email us at committee@medanz.org.nz

All items will be loaned for a period of 3 weeks, at the current rate for return postage.

Full details of what is available for loan from the archive is available in this pdf document:

MEDANZ Archive


Our Lending Conditions are available in this pdf document:

Lending Conditions


If you would like to donate any historical MEDANZ items to the library, please contact Committee.

We would especially like 

Festival booklets


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