Welcome to the website of MEDANZ:

The Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand

We are a non-profit Incorporated Society for dancers and enthusiasts.

MEDANZ provides a network for dancers and also maintains a list of New Zealand teachers.

Middle Eastern Dance is a term which includes a number of dances that originated around the Mediterranean and North Africa. It is often known as "Belly Dance" in the West.

We are open to Dancers (students, amateurs and professionals), Teachers, Musicians, Vendors, and general supporters.

We have recently created a page to assist you with some of your most Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

What is MEDANZ?

MEDANZ is the Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand, a non-profit Incorporated Society.

Middle Eastern Dance (MED) is a term, which includes a number of dances which originated around the Mediterranean and North Africa. It is often known as "belly dance" in the West. For more information about Middle Eastern Dance and Belly Dance, see the: Belly Dance Info pages.

Who can be a member?

MEDANZ is open to Middle Eastern Dancers (students, amateurs and professionals), teachers, musicians, vendors, and general supporters.

Any student or teacher in New Zealand will find benefit from membership.

What are MEDANZ's aims?

Its aims include: (Paraphrasing the constitution)

  • Providing a supportive environment for MED
  • Fostering interest and understanding of MED
  • Promoting the sharing of information
  • Developing and promoting ethical standards
  • Providing a forum for dancers for discussion of significant issues
  • Facilitating learning and performance opportunities

The full aims and structure of MEDANZ is explained in our constitution which you can download here in PDF format.


What does MEDANZ provide for its members?


We provide a network for dancers. Our main method of communication is the regular e-newsletter (sent direct to members and also available on this website here ). This contains notices of upcoming events, reviews, and articles of general (MED) interest.  We now also have a busy Facebook page, restricted to members only: https://www.facebook.com/groups/medanz/

In addition our annual Middle Eastern Dance Festival provides a range of great opportunities to meet, socialise and network with dancers, teachers, musicians and vendors from all over the country. It's always great to reconnect with old dance buddies or meet new ones!

"I am blown away by the friendliness and generosity of the NZ bellydance community" (new member).


Funding opportunities:

MEDANZ offers a Community Grant for dancers and dance groups to host teachers both from other parts of the country and from overseas, along with other training and travel opportunities.

MEDANZ provides funding and organisational assistance to dance groups wishing to hold a Mini-Festival to support their local community.

MEDANZ offers an annual Student Scholarship to further the successful applicants belly dance studies.  Full details are listed here.

Teacher Network:

MEDANZ maintains a list of lMiddle Eastern Dance and Music Teachers, who have opted to join our Network.

MEDANZ Teacher Network listing are now online here!