MEDANZ Festival 2017 - workshop tutors

Kami Liddle


Kami has studied various dance styles throughout her life, but found her true passion, Belly Dance, when she was 18 years old. She has studied cabaret style belly dance then found Fat Chance Belly Dance Tribal Style. She began to perform as a soloist incorporating other styles into her ATS repertoire such as modern, hip hop, jazz and Bhangra dance.

After earning her degree in Art with a Minor in Dance from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2005, she decided to pursue her passion full time and since then has performed and taught in over 20 countries. Kami toured with the Bellydance Superstars for 6 years and was a contributing choreographer as well as the director of the Tribal Superstars. She is based out of San Francisco, CA and currently tours the world as a solo artist and occasionally tours with Beats Antique.

Private lessons with Kami are also available - please email to book.

Rates: $90USD per hour for one student, $130USD per hour for two students, $150USD per hour for three students and +$25USD per hour for each additional person


Doug Brushdoug_head_shot.jpg

Doug is an extraordinarily versatile percussionist. In addition to training in classical percussion at the American Conservatory of Music and Roosevelt University, he has studied with percussion masters in Cuba, Spain, North India, South India, North Africa, and West Africa among other locales. 

Since moving to Christchurch in early 2010, Doug has played and taught all over New Zealand. He regularly performs with the Christchurch Symphony and most recently with the New Zealand Opera. He founded and became musical director of Wontanara, a group dedicated to traditional West African drum and dance.  In addition, he has started community classes in Arabic, African, Cuban, and Indian percussion. He has also hosted international artists/teachers such as Mohamed Bangoura, Chris Berry, and Epizo Bangoura.

In New Zealand he has performed with Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Broadway star Andrea Burns,  Kiwi legends the Topp Twins and Paul Ubana Jones, Fiona Pears, and the 'world jazz' group Mundi, among many others. He is a founder and Artistic Director of the Little River Annual Drum festival.  He has also featured in North and South Magazine and made local and national radio appearances.

Zaghareet Daniela


Daniela lives and works in Cairo, with return trips to Bratislava (Slovakia) to visit family and teach. Her first encounter with oriental dance was back in 2002, and she started dancing intensively in 2005 when she started teaching regular classes.

Attending the prestigious Nile group festival in Cairo in 2008 was a milestone in her dance education. Here she had the opportunity to study with renowned teachers Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Youssry Sharif, Hassan Khalil, Ahmed Fekry, Asmahan of Cairo, Khaled Mahmoud, Freiz, and Nour Aso.

Daniela started competing in 2010, culminating in first place in the professional solo category dancing to Oum Kalthoum at the 2013 Cairo! festival in Budapest. She continues to teach all over the Slovak republic and abroad, and creates choreographies, performs, competes and judges competitions.

Private lessons with Daniela are also available - please email to book.

Rates TBC


Bilge ÖzgünBilge.jpg

Bilge Özgün is a professional singer and regularly performs traditional Turkish folk music at festivals and concerts around Australia.


She has been a regular performer at the Woodford Folk Festival since 2008. Other noteworthy engagements include Brisbane Powerhouse, Qld Conservatorium, World By Night and many other smaller festivals across the State. Bilge is also an accomplished singing teacher, specializing in traditional Turkish folk repertoire.

Currently Bilge is working as a cultural diversity project officer, delivering the organisation’s cross cultural awareness trainings, and is also a qualified events and tourism marketing professional, specialising in organising and marketing community events for multicultural organisations and community groups.

She has been working closely with multicultural groups within the arts in Queensland since arriving in Australia is 2007. In 2015, She completed her Masters in Communication for Social Change at University of Queensland and is currently studying Graduate Certificate of TESOL at University of Southern Queensland.

Agate Ponder-Sutton: Putting a point on your sword work Agate.jpg

Agate loves to dance. She has more than ten years practicing Middle Eastern dance and historical sword techniques, including workshops with international masters in both disciplines. Prior to moving to New Zealand she taught Middle Eastern dance classes and danced professionally. After a back injury, she is finding her way into dance again.



Aida Sajadi: Floral OrientalAida.jpg

The Quick and the Red

Aida has been bellydancing since childhood. She is a second generation bellydancer who first learned the art from her mother Noori. She continues to be her inspiration in dance and in life.  
"Belly dance is a natural form of movement that nurtures creative expression and strengthens women's self-confidence. Immersed in the hypnotic rhythm, hardly realizing it, you are revitalizing the mind and treating the body to a great work out.
To me dance is a celebration of life,  As Iranians it is an integral part of our culture and a staple in our wonderfully chaotic gatherings. It is always an honour to share in the celebration that has brought families and friends together. My vision is for women of all cultures and walks of life to enrich their lives through participating in this art form." Aida



Alan Burden: How to play the Riq - Middle Eastern Tambourine

Alan draws on his varied percussion background when he plays and teaches. As a teacher he is fun, patient and inspiring. He brings not only knowledge and skill with rhythm but experience with performing in group situations and with dancers. Alan plays Middle Eastern frame drums, doumbek, and the Riq. He has received instruction from Faisal Zedan, Mark Bell [of HELM] ,Hossam Ramzy, Glen Velez and Matt Stonehouse. He attends and plays at music festivals whenever possible, and is a regular member of the cabaret band at the Bahar Bayram Middle Eastern music camp in Queensland. Alan’s original music roots are jazz based, including a two year stint as the drummer for the Rodger Fox Big Band. He plays Latin music including congas, bongos, timbales and other Latin percussion instruments, and is an experienced Flamenco percussionist on the Cajon. Other musical involvements have included Tangerine, (a Wellington based Middle Eastern trio featuring oud, violin and percussion); the Paradise Dance Band (a re-creation of a 1920s style Palm Court dance quintet); the Rodrigo Brothers (an eclectic Wellington rock band) and Many Hands (an Auckland based world music ensemble), and as a drum set player for the Capital Arts Performance orchestra and various dance bands in Wellington, including the group City Jazz. Alan also does sound design work for the theatre.

AngelaMott.jpgAngela Mott (Shakeelah): Ancient Wisdom

Shakeelah (aka Angela Mott) has spent the past 25 years researching and studying belly dance in its many forms, from its folkloric roots to its modern day fusions. As a belly dance teacher in Takapuna, Glenfield and Albany for 10 years, she taught hundreds of students to enjoy the artistry and health benefits that belly dance can offer. She is the current Treasurer of the 2016/17 MEDANZ Committee, and is a proud supporter of MEDANZ having been an active member since 1998.





Bronwyn Mohring & Jacinda Baker: 

The Intoxicating world of Creation: Working with a dance partner

Tribal Echo are Fern and Cindy, a Dunedin duo who perform Tribal Fusion. Fern also formed the musical group The Unfortunate Repercussions. Tribal Echo was created with former Lost Tribe performer and co-founder Jacinda Baker to explore the many roots from which fusions styles are derived and to branch out into their our style of movement and fusion. They have been dancing and learning together for 16 years. Tribal Echo’s dance influences are expansive and ongoing. Most recent influences have been Fern’s and Martin’s trip to Turkey, and their experiences with music and dance there. Musically their dance style is driven by their relationship with the Unfortunate Repercussions. We would like to thank all the dancers and musicians we have danced with and laughed with as they all continue to leave their mark both personally and on our dance.

Candice Frankland: Must-Know Belly Dance SongsCandice.jpg

Booty Swing 1920's inspired Fusion Choreography

Candice Frankland is the founder and director of Phoenix Belly Dance, a multi-award winning dance company and home to some of New Zealand's most sought after performers and teachers. Since relocating to NewZealand, Candice has built Phoenix Belly Dance from the ground up, using skills from her previous career as a business analyst to create a supportive belly dance school. Candice and her team of teachers are made up of women of various different training and backgrounds, and their aim is to share the rich cultural experience of Middle Eastern dance through fun and educational workshops and classes. Candice has trained extensively in many folkloric and oriental styles of belly dance. Her lessons also focus on building core stability and strength, crucial in preventing injuries in dancers. Candice has also been working hard at growing the community of belly dance and respect for the dance form in New Zealand with large scale theatre shows, hosting international festivals with teachers such as Aziza, Joana Saahirah, Kaeshi Chai, Hadia and Irina Akulenko, organising tours to the Middle East, collaborations, appearances on TV, in newspapers and magazines, and hosting her annual Weekend Belly Dance Retreat. The Phoenix troupe are winners of the Jambalaya Dance Competition, NZ Corporate Event’s Best Entertainment Company, and the Viva Eclectika Asia Vision Cup. Candice was winner of the Bellydance Evolution International Casting Competition (LA/Sydney), cast as a lead soloist in BellyQueen’s Silk Road (NY/Brisbane), and has been invited back to teach at the Tarazade festival in Istanbul.

DebbieSumner.jpgDebbie Sumner: Morning Viniyoga Flow Warm up (daily)

I began my Yoga Journey when i was about 15. My mother introduced me to this practice, we spent alot of time together going to local classes, workshops and retreats. I completed my first teacher training course over 2014/2015. I beagn teachinh yoga t the beginning of 2016 along side teaching Belly Dance for ZENDA. I feel very grateful to share my passion with others. I recently completed the bellyfit instructor training aswell to add to the mix. My main goal to is to inspire and motivate my participants, to provide a safe and supportive environment for my students and most of all encourage joy and Fun!!!



Martin Fastier & Tanara Stedman: Middle Eastern Dance RhythmsUnfortunate_Repercussions.jpg

Members of the Unfortunate Repercussions come from varied musical backgrounds. Many of our team have been playing together for 10 years. We are a group of drummers and musicians who perform Vintage Bellydance and Fusion music. Our biggest influence and mentor is Alan Burden. We are an eclectic group who come from varied musical and dance backgrounds. Our music celebrates each-other’s strengths and differences. Our differences and many years together means our style and rules of play have developed in a unique way that works for us and we love. In turn we would love to share our joy in making music with you.



Mirian_Caberlon_-_tribos2.jpgMirian Caberlon: Saidi Technique & Choreography with Assaya (Stick)

Mirian began to dance at the age of 8 at Rakaça Temple of Dance School in southern Brazil. She started by learning belly dance and jazz and fell in love with the oriental dance style. After a couple of years, she started assisting her teacher, Michele Trentin, with classes and has continued teaching this beautiful art form since then. Mirian has been trained in both oriental and Arabic folkloric dances, and has had great experience performing in festivals and restaurants in Brazil and USA. Mirian now lives in Wellington, New Zealand, where she teaches at her own dance school.



Pip E-Lysaah: Pip's for Advanced PlayersPip.jpg

She's a sultry brunette with a passion for dance, beginning with those ballet classes at 5 years old and traversing through contemporary, modern, hip hop and even a little Irish dance before discovering yoga, Rak Sharki and then her true love of Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance.






Rachael.jpgRachael Lundy (The Ruby Lady): What do we do with a dancing Sailor?

Born and bred in little old New Zealand, The Ruby Lady is an award winning, international performer specialising in Egyptian Belly Dance and Folklore and is currently based in Christchurch.

Having done her time performing on a nightly basis in luxury hotels and tourist attractions around the South Sinai region, Rachael continues to hone her craft through travel and training with international master teachers, as well as learning from and taking inspiration from her contemporaries and co-workers. Her hard work, dedication and talent has allowed her to perform alongside belly dance heavey weights such as Jillina, Heather Aued and Louchia as she sky rockets her way to greatness.

Her style draws heavily from Egyptian belly dance both old and new with a cabaret twist. Her signature style is dynamic and emotive with an emphasis on musicality and sincerity, mixing athletic movement with a calm grace, a peppering of intricate foot work, internalised muscle locks and lashings of fun, flirty accents.

It is through dance that the Ruby Lady has found a home, a community, and a life-long obsession. Through her journey in dance, she has discovered her own strength of mind, body and character, as well as the strength and beauty of those around her, no matter their shape, size, age and physical ability. It is, and always will be, her most important goal in life to share the liberation that she herself has discovered through learning, teaching and sharing the art of belly dance.


Samantha Murphy (co-teacher Nicola Rooney): Tribal Skirt StyleSamantha.jpg

Samantha has been dancing Tribal Style in Christchurch since forever! She is currently teaching and dancing with the newly formed Soul Star Tribe, which includes women of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels drawn together by their enthusiasm for Tribal belly dance.

Tribal belly dance offers the freedom to explore many avenues of creativity, such as: musicality and interpretation; costume, make-up, and jewellery; body-awareness and expression. Soul Star Tribe work together to learn new and challenging repertoire, create lively and engaging performances, and share their experiences and knowledge.




Stef_and_Lisa.jpgStefanie Kalmakoff and Lisa Maia Ambrose: ATS® with Tambourine & Basket

Stefanie has been a Tribal dancer for 17 years, currently artistic director of Khamzin Tribe. She has learned from many wonderful teachers including Carolena Nericchio, Rachel Brice, Jill Parker, Heather Stants, Devi Mamak, Paulette Rees Denise, Kajira Djoumanha, Mel Rogers, Darshan and Sandy Burrow. She has been involved in the dance scene for many years both performing and teaching. She currently dances and teaches American Tribal Style (ATS) and Improvised tribal Style (ITS) based on the Gypsy Caravan style and format and has an extended repertoire of her own moves including skirt, tambourine and basket.



Tracey Saunders (Aaralyn): Advanced Dance DrillsTracey.jpg

Tracey is the director of TribalDiva Belly Dance Company in Christchurch which specialises in tribal and fusion styles of belly dance. She has recently completed Teacher Training for ATS® with Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance®. . Tracey enjoys adding a lot of sparkle to her tribal & fusion belly dance performances, and she can frequently be found performing at events in Christchurch, around NZ and as far afield as Las Vegas, from intimate restaurant settings through to large scale public events and festivals.



Vanessa2.jpgVanessa Castro: Silk veil

Professional belly dancer and master teacher from Brazil, Vanessa Castro has around 14 years of experience in belly dance. She's the director of her school, 'Studio Vanessa Castro', in Curitiba Brazil. She is a dancer in the famous “Khan el Khalili” in São Paulo Brazil and she have received many awards with her students. In 2014, Vanessa took her training to the next level, travelling around the Emirates, Lebanon and Egypt to learn more about culture and dance. Her passion for her art form is matched only by her love of teaching it. Nowadays she is living in Auckland working as a teacher and performer at Phoenix Belly Dance.





Zumarrad: Tackling SamaiBrigid.jpg

Brigid Kelly aka Zumarrad is a Christchurch-based teacher and perfomer of Egyptian-focused Middle Eastern dance. 

She is known as a sparkling, engaging and emotive performer. While not a purist, Zumarrad views belly dance as a Middle Eastern cultural expression and art form first and foremost. Her passion is for Egyptian raqs sharqi and good old-fashioned entertaining belly dance. As a teacher, she focuses  on encouraging deeper knowledge, musicality, personal expression and strong technique.

Her first and most influential teacher, and teaching mentor, was premier New Zealand oriental dancer Gendi Tanner,  and she worked closely with Yurie Somerville, as a member of Eshtar Folkloric Dance Troupe. She pursues study via workshops wherever possible with reputable international teachers. These have included Dr Mo Geddawi, Denise Enan, Cassandra, Hadia of Canada, Amera Eid of Sydney, Amel Tafsout, Caroline Evanoff, Randa Kamel,  Jennifer Allen of Glasgow, and most recently, Sema Yildiz of Turkey, Sahra Kent, Ranya Renee of New York City, and the great Mahmoud Reda.