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9am-12pm Free Teacher's* workshops with Daniela & Kami               * Open only to current MEDANZ Teacher's Network members 9am -10am Debbie - Morning Viniyoga Flow warm up Debbie - Morning Viniyoga Flow warm up Debbie - Morning Viniyoga Flow warm up
10am - 11am Daniela - Shaabi and Baladi (theory) Rachael - What Shall We Do With a Dancing Sailor?   Kami - Razor-Sharp Slink: Technique and Combinations Class Aida - Floral Oriental   Daniela - Mejance - The Entrance Piece: Technique, Combinations & Choreography Brigid - Tackling Samai (10/8)   Bazaar set up
11am - 12pm Angela - Ancient Wisdom (theory) Open Day & Bazaar
    12pm - 12.30pm LUNCH BREAK  
    12.30pm -2pm Agate - Putting a Point on your Sword Work Stef & Lisa - ATS® with Tambourine & Basket Doug & Bilge - Musicality for Musicians Bronwyn & Jacinda - The Intoxicating World of Creation: Working with a Dance Partner Samantha - Tribal Skirt Style Martin & Tanara - Middle Eastern Rhythms Tracey - Advanced Dance Drills Vanessa - Silk veil Alan - How to Play the Riq - Middle Eastern Tambourine
2-6pm Show rehearsal (first half 2-4pm, second half 4-6pm) 2.15pm - 3.15pm Kami - Finger Cymbal and Hip Drills Candice - Must-know Belly Dance Songs (theory)   Daniela - Saidi Goodness: Technique, Combinations & Choreography Pip - Pip's for Advanced Players Bilge - Musicality for Dancers Kami - Short & Sweet Drum Solo Choreography Doug - Advanced Drum  
3.15pm - 4.15pm Aida - The Quick & the Red Choreography
4.30pm - 6.30pm Daniela - Shaabi Technique and Combinations Candice - Booty Swing 1920's inspired Fusion Choreography   Kami - Fluidity in Motion Mirian - Saidi Technique & Choreography with Assaya (Stick)          
7pm Doors open 6.45pm AGM DINNER BREAK        
7.30pm Gala Show         7.30pm Hafla