Confirmed Festival Tutors

These tutors have confirmed they will be teaching in Napier for the 2018 MEDANZ Festival (13-15 April)

Tracey SaundersAaralyn (Tracey Saunders)

Tracey of TribalDiva Belly Dance Company in Christchurch specializes in Tribal and Tribal Fusion styles of belly dance. She regularly travels internationally to undertake intensive training with Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance superstars including Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Mira Betz, Jill Parker and Rachel Brice as her love of dance is matched by her love of learning, and this ensures that she will continue to learn from local teachers, and travel to train with international tutors to further her own skills and abilities.

Tracey is committed to providing a safe, fun and challenging class environment for her students, and is proud to play a part in providing an environment where students of all ages and abilities can enjoy themselves, make lasting friendships and express themselves creatively.

Tracey's workshops are:
Morning Wake Up for Body and Mind – TribalDiva Style! (Saturday/Sunday 8am)
Glam, Electro-Swing  – Tribal/Fusion 25yrd Skirt Choreography (Saturday 2pm)
Sword Moves and Combos for Tribal Style Belly Dance (Sunday 8:45am)

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She is an international teacher, performer and tribal fusion artist who is about to complete her Integrated teacher training in Portland, Oregon.  She has performed over 500 times and is most well-known for creating belly dance entertainment.  She has been teaching since 2005 and studied her craft initially with local NZ teachers before travelling internationally to study with Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez, Heather Stants and others.  Her investment in training includes 50-80 hours of intensive workshops every year since 2009.

Her teaching is based on dance conditioning with strong fundamentals that can be applied to any style.  Her students include beginner and advanced dancers across Tribal, Oriental and Fusion, they come to improve their technique and learn fun choreographies, and some have one on to run their own dance schools in Germany, Ecuador and New Zealand.

Pip's workshops are:

ITS (Improv Tribal Style) a 90 min Taster (Saturday, 11am)
Lyrical Tribal Fusion Style Choreography – Strunk (Sunday, 10:30am)

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With over thirty years of Belly Dance teaching and performance experience Tanya (aka Madame President) brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to New Zealand Belly Dance. Her talent for absorbing and passing on knowledge and producing consistently high quality dance produ


ct is well known and respected in the New Zealand belly dance community.

With an early background in classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance Tanya started studying Belly Dance in 1988 and was quickly hooked on the fascinating dance form. She began dancing and teaching Belly Dance professionally 1992.

In 1995 she moved overseas, taking the opportunity to perform and study Belly Dance in Luxembourg, Germany, France, England and Tunisia. She also accepted invitations to teach workshops in Germany and France.

On returning to New Zealand 1997 Tanya established her own dance school, Art of Movement, which continues to thrive today. She manages and directs the award-winning community dance troupe, "Belly Hoo", as well as her own professional dance team "Dangerous Curves Ahead".

Over the past seven years she has developed a special, exciting dance and, drum partnership with a truly talent

ed dance drummer Daniel Dib as well as branching out to other dance forms such as fusion and Burlesque.

Tanya has a special knowledge of and affinity with Beledy and Orientale styles of Belly Dance, but continues to expand her knowledge and dance repertoire. This drive to continue her dance development has seen Tanya travel to Australia, Tunisia, Egypt, the UK and the USA to seek dance training from masters. She also takes advantage of local and visiting international instructors in New Zealand.

Tanya’s teaching philosophy is driven by her passionate belief that building a strong, safe and beautiful base technique, and nurturing a respect for the culture, aesthetics, substance and feel of each performance and dance style, will give a dancer a strong base on which to build any style of dance.

Tanya's workshops are:

Shimmy Madness (Saturday, 8:45am)

Tanya's Belly Dance Drills (Sunday, 8:45am)

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