The MEDANZ Festival

The MEDANZ festival is a celebration of all things belly dance held over a weekend each year in April around the Association AGM.

Festival currently provides 3-4 days of workshops in dance, drumming and related topics, a theatre show, shopping area, Hafla, and lots of opportunities to socialise and network with dancers from all over New Zealand.

Workshops span the full spectrum of levels, with classes designed for beginners through to more advanced dancers.  Most workshops offered are taught by New Zealand teachers, however MEDANZ also aims to bring an international teacher to festival some years.

These festival pages provide you with the information on how the festival began, where Festival will be next, as well as options to place feedback after the event, and future planning details.


 2019 MEDANZ Festival - AUCKLAND

MEDANZ festival 2019 is on 12th, 13th, 14th April, in Auckland.

The theme of this year Festival and Gala Show is the Seven Seas of Belly Dance. It reflects the diversity of belly dance in NZ, as well as pays homage to the distant seas where our beloved dance’s roots came from. Just like the seven seas, our belly dance inspirations come from around the globe, from the styles we have learned, to the dancers we admire.