Dance Teachers - Taranaki

New Plymouth, Hawera

Gypsophilia (Amanda Bound)

027 478 9029 (New Plymouth)

The Classes:

Philosophy: To provide a safe environment for dancers to learn and grow

Styles Offered: Tribal

Availability: Evening classes at Henui Street Hall. Private classes.

The Teacher:

I was drawn to bellydancing in 2005 and have now found Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance.  I love the moves, the rhythms and the music, and look forward to sharing that passion.

Started MED: 2005 Started Teaching: 2007 Joined MEDANZ: 2005

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2016, 2013 (Details available on request)

            Updated: 15/07/2017


Khalida (Paula Robertson) (New Plymouth)

The Teacher:

Joined MEDANZ: 2007

          Updated: 25/11/2017