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Brier Abal (Brier Taylor)
with: Tiny Camel Belly Dance

09 432 2047
022 398 6890

The Classes:

Philosophy: Tiny Camel Belly Dance is an all conclusive Belly Dance school in the centre of Whangarei. I encourage individuals of all ages and abilities to join in a weekly class and learn the fun and sensual art of Belly Dance along with learning a new art-form.

Styles Offered: Folkloric,Cabaret/Oriental,Fusion

Availability: Evening  classes in Badminton Hall, 41 Porowini Ave, Whangarei. Private classes. Workshops.

The Teacher:

I have been interested in Middle Eastern dance since 2005 when I first saw it performed. I immediately started to teach myself - eating up instructional books and videos. I started classes in 2012 and began dancing with the Mirimah dance troupe in 2013. I became a resident restaurant dancer in 2014 and began taking classes with another local teacher until she moved away leaving me her dance students.

Started MED: 2012 Started Teaching: 2016 Joined MEDANZ: 2013 Has current First Aid Certificate: 2015

            Updated: 10/07/2017