Dance Teachers - Manawatu-Wanganui & Wairarapa

Levin, Masterton, Palmerston North, Wanganui 


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With Teezhareem Bellydance

021 185 4078

The Classes:

Styles Offered: Egyptian, Folk

Availability: Evening classes at Anglican Church Hall, Stout St, Shannon and More Dance Studio, Oxford St, Levin. Private classes. Workshops.

The Teacher:

My love of bellydance began when I attended night classes in 2005 with Jehani in Levin .When Jehani retired I continued classes with Gelinda until I met Beverley of Moonjelly Bellydance. I now teach in the Horowhenua region.

Started MED: 2005 Started Teaching: 2009 Joined MEDANZ: 2014

          Updated: 24/03/2017



Selima (Carol Wald)
with: Aaminah Bellydancers  and Aaminah Bellydancers Troupe

06 370 4131                027 600 1710

The Classes:

Styles Offered: Cabaret/Oriental,Fusion

The Teacher:

Joined MEDANZ: 1999

            Updated: 21/10/2017

Palmerston North

Andrea HopkinsAndrea Hopkins
with: Aziza Bellydance

021 0226 8989

The Classes:

Philosophy: Aziza Bellydance is committed to educate the public about both traditional and modern forms of the dance. We believe that support should start from home, and we try to support the local community art scene. We offer group classes and choreography sessions

Styles Offered: Oriental, Folkloric and Fusion

Availability: Evening classes at The Loft Studio,  47 The Square. Private classes.

The Teacher:

I've been a dancer since I was 6 and have tried different dance forms. I came to New Zealand in 2006 and stumbled upon belly dancing at a local night school. Since then I have been performing in festivals, haflas, private functions, and cultural nights. I travelled to Egypt in 2012. I am an avid supporter of the local arts community.

Started MED: 2007 Started Teaching: 2012 Joined MEDANZ: 2017

            Updated: 11/10/2017


with: Hipnotize Bellydance  and Al Raja

The Classes:

Styles Offered: Fusion

The Teacher:

Started MED:  Started Teaching:  Joined MEDANZ: 2012

            Updated: 5/07/2017


Ahmunet (Jill Hurley)
with: Bohemian Genie

021 1414257

The Classes:Update

Styles Offered: Tribal

The Teacher:

Joined MEDANZ: 2010

          Updated: 21/08/2017