Dance Teachers - Coromandel

Thames & Whitianga


With: Art of Middle Eastern Dance

07 869 0191
027 329 2288

The Classes:

Philosophy: Convey precise technique of movements & applying them correctly to various sections in the music. Relaxing into the music and experiencing the Middle Eastern feeling for it. Enjoy each others company while working together in a supportive way.

Styles Offered: Folkloric, Cabaret/Oriental, Fusion

Availability: Evening classes at Parawai School Hall, Lowe Street, Thames. Private classes. Workshops

The Teacher:

Born and raised in Germany Suher started learning MED (Middle Eastern Dance) from an Egyptian dancer. This influence impressed the style, technique, and feeling for ME Music on her. Travels through various ME countries gave Suher an insight into the cultures. 1996 Suher moved to New Zealand always staying in touch with the European ME dance community.

Started MED: 1982 Started Teaching: 1985 Joined MEDANZ: 1998

Training for Teaching: NZ Adult Tutor Training course (2008). Several Adult Tutor Training Courses in Germany.

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2015, 2012, 2011 (Details available on request)

            Updated: 27/06/2018


Gaida (Catherine Corcoran) Catherine.jpg
with: Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance and The Ibis Tribe

021 210 2438 

The Classes:

Philosophy: To empower my class by teaching moves and steps that will enable them to dance, improvise (when they're ready) and most of all have fun. I promote good posture in the dance and find it is a way to reduce and prevent back and other musculoskeletal pain.

Styles Offered: Tribal

Availability: Evening classes in Whitianga. Workshops

The Teacher:

I began Raqs Sharqi in 1990 taught by Suraya Hilal in the UK and have learned from many teachers since then both in Britain and since I moved to New Zealand in 2003.

Started MED: 1990 Started Teaching: 2009 Joined MEDANZ: 2009 Has current First Aid Certificate: 2015

Training for Teaching: Teacher training with Paulette Rees Denis (2016/17); Diploma in McTimoney Chiropractic (1989)

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2018, 2017, 2016 (Details available on request)

                Updated: 5/07/2018