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Christchurch, Timaru



Tracey SaundersAaralyn (Tracey Saunders)
with: Firefly Belly Dance

027 756 4460

The Classes:

Philosophy: My aim is to offer classes that provide a balance of solid technique along with fun, relaxation and enjoyment of dance. Classes will cater for those attending for performance preparation, fitness or as a social activity, and will aim to challenge and extend dancers ability and increase their confidence in their dance skills.

Styles Offered: Tribal/ATS®, Tribal Fusion, Cabaret

Availability: Day, evening and weekend classes (Central City, Richmond, Redcliffs and Lyttelton). Private classes. Workshops.

The Teacher:

Tracey specializes in Tribal and Tribal Fusion styles of belly dance. Tracey regularly travels internationally to undertake intensive training with Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance superstars including Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Mira Betz, Jill Parker and Rachel Brice. Tracey is committed to providing a safe, fun and challenging class environment for her students, and is proud to play a part in providing an environment where students of all ages and abilities can enjoy themselves, make lasting friendships and express themselves creatively.

Started MED: 2009 Started Teaching: 2012 Joined MEDANZ: 2011

Training for Teaching: Teacher Training in American Tribal Style® Belly Dance (ATS®) with Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman (2015). Bachelor of Arts in Education specializing in Adult Learning (2012).

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2018, 2017, 2016 (Details available on request)

            Updated: 08/07/2018


Ayyam O'Brienayyam.jpg


021 129 4139   

The Classes:

Philosophy: My goal is to get all ladies of different shapes and sizes to have fun dancing while they get their sweat on. My teaching style is very relaxed and I am someone who loves to not take everything so seriously as life is way too short.

Styles Offered: Egyptian Raqs Sharqi Turkish Oriental Iraqi Kawleeya

Availability: Evening Classes in Rolleston. Private classes.

The Teacher:

I originally come from the middle east (Iraq) and I am self taught. Dancing runs in my blood organically as it is my cultural dance. I love getting lost in the music. Once I hear the Tabla or oriental music I am lost in my own world of dancing. I love sharing the passion and knowledge I have for belly dancing with anyone that wants to learn about it.

Joined MEDANZ: 2020  Has current First Aid Certificate: 2019

            Updated: 3/07/2020

With: Desert Veils Bellydance and Desert Veils Bellydancers

03 337 2683, 021 344 45 

Chrystal Palace, 12 Chrystal St, Christchurch

The Classes:

Philosophy: Farida encourages her students to develop precise technique to underpin the emotional expression of the dance.  To develop the dance to where the student wants to go.  To interpret the music and communicate the dance in an authentic way and to encourage innovation and individuality within the art.

Styles Offered: Egyptian,  Tuirkish, Lebanese, Folk, Fusion

Availability: Evening and weekend classes at Chrystal Palace. Private classes. Workshops.

The Teacher:

Farida is one of NZ’s most experienced dancers.  She returned to Christchurch in 1989 to establish a school for teaching bellydance and a performance troupe.  She continues to update her bellydance skills with regular travel to workshops and performances in the Middle East, Europe, USA and Australia. Farida is known for lyrical, charismatic dancing and authentic musical interpretation, coupled with precise technique.

Started MED: 1986 Started Teaching: 1990 Joined MEDANZ: 1992

Training for Teaching: Teaching for adults (ANU Canberra, 1984), Teaching for Continuing Education (Massey University, 1981), Teaching dance to the Elderly (International Dance Summer School, 1980)

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2013, 2012, 2009 (Details available on request)

            Updated: 27/06/2013

Karyn Jordan
with: Soul Star Tribe

03 385 5229

The Classes:

Philosophy: I aim to share my love of tribal in a fun, creative, and nurturing group environment.

Styles Offered: Tribal

Availability: Evening and Weekend classes in Christchurch CBD and Richmond. Private classes.

The Teacher:

I began belly dancing with my daughter over 10 years ago and fell in love with Tribal. I have been taught and trained by many amazing teachers from New Zealand and overseas (eg Pip E-Lysaah, Ziva, Devi Mamak, Caralena Nericcio-Bohlman, Paulette Rees Denis, Kristine Adams). Now I have gained teachers' certification in American Tribal Style and Gypsy Caravan tribal styles.

Started MED: 2005 Started Teaching: 2015 Joined MEDANZ: 2008

Training for Teaching: Teacher Training in American Tribal style Belly dance in 2015 with Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman. Gypsy Caravan tribal belly dance collective soul teacher training Level 1 with Paulette Rees Denis 2017

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2017, 2016, 2015 (Details available on request)

            Updated: 6/07/2017

with: Belly Raqs® with Kashmir

03 382 0071, 027 438 7277
Belly Raqs with Kashmir - Exploring the Heart of Belly Dance

The Classes:

Philosophy: Personal expresion of the music through dance but grounded in an awareness of the cultural background and safe dance practice.

Styles Offered: Egyptian Raqs Sharqi, Beledi, Folkloric and Western Bellydance

Availability: Daytime and evening classes in South Brighton and Opawa – see website ( for details. Private classes. Workshops.

The Teacher:

Kashmir is strongly influenced by Egyptian style, in part due to past overseas secondments as a software engineer/trainer which allowed her to study from Egyptian master teachers. From these Kashmir developed a strong knowledge of Egyptian folk styles which was deepened by annual attendance of Winter Warmup intensives. She has also studied Safe Dance Practices over a number of years including specific application to belly dance.

Started MED: 1991 Started Teaching: 1997 Joined MEDANZ: 1995

Training for Teaching: Teaching Training with Dr Mo Geddawi (2016); Certificate in Dance Teaching (QUT, 2003); Safe Dance Practices (QUT, 2002); ACE 2015; Workshops, lectures, hand-on and private consultations with Michael Dalgleish (1997-2011 approx 120 hours); Teaching Diploma (Christchurch Teachers College, 1985).

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2017, 2017, 2016 (Details available on request)

            Updated: 13/11/17


The Classes:

Philosophy: Zumarrad focuses on teaching belly dance technique safely and enjoyably to women and men of all ages and abilities, identifying bellydance as a culturally rooted, globalised performance art. She offers individual tuition, choreography, workshops and professional development.

Styles Offered: Folkloric,Cabaret/Orientale

Availability: Evening classes at Papa Hou, YMCA, Hereford St. Private classes. Workshops.

The Teacher:

Independent belly dance teacher, researcher and performer based in Christchurch, Zumarrad has taken workshops and classes with a wide variety of teachers from New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Australia, Egypt and Turkey. She completed a Masters-level inquiry into belly dance in 2008 and was an invited speaker to the International Bellydance Conference of Canada in 2010. She is a contributor to a number of the books.

Started MED: 1998 Started Teaching: 2002 Joined MEDANZ: 2000

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2017, 2014, 2014 (Details available on request)

            Updated: 5/08/2018


Fatina (Liz Irvine)

021 254 2779            Timaru

The Teacher:

Started MED: 1990 Started Teaching: 1993 Joined MEDANZ: 1994

            Updated: 14/06/2020

Nadirah (Anne-Marie Chapman)
with Beledi

03 971 0286        022 452 6691                         Timaru

The Classes:

Styles Offered: Fusion

The Teacher:

I have been dancing MED for nearly 7 years, & did 5 years of ballet (as an adult) prior to that.

Started MED: 2013 Joined MEDANZ: 2015

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2017 (Details available on request)

            Updated: 18/05/20

Sahra Kent, JtE 1 2017 (full weekend, I don't know how many hours cos I don't think that way) Joana Saahira, 2016, approx 4 hours