Dance Teachers - Overseas


apb.jpgAmanda PB (Amanda Pooley-Brand)
with: APB Dance  and Melbourne Salimpour Collective


The Classes:

Philosophy: Enable all dancers to access and find a place in a dance class, while producing strong dancers who have safe technical skills, culture and musicality.

Styles Offered: Egyptian, American Cabaret, Turkish, Fusion, Folkloric

Availability: Evening and Weekend classes in Richmond, Brunswick. Private classes. Workshops.

The Teacher:

Amanda has been dancing for 10 years and is a current student in the Salimpour School.of Bellydance (USA), where she regularly makes trips to keep her certifications up to date.

Started MED: 2008 Started Teaching: 2018 Joined MEDANZ: 2017 Has current First Aid Certificate: 2017

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2018, 2018, 2018 (Details available on request)

            Updated: 26/07/2018


Siobhan Camille
with Greenstone Belly DanceSiobhanCamilleGreenstoneBellyDanceClassesDelftNetherlands.jpg

Delft, Netherlands (Belly dance classes and coaching available online and across Zuid-Holland)

The Classes:

Philosophy: Our vision for classes is to create a safe, stress-free space, where all participants are encouraged and uplifted. Siobhan strives to help her students reach their dance goals, be it fitness, fun, or furthering of dance skills.

Styles Offered: Egyptian, Contemporary Fusion

Availability: Evening classes and online.  Private classes. Workshops

The Teacher:

Siobhan has taught and performed across North America, Australasia and Europe. Her love of music is equalled only by her love of movement, making belly dance her perfect match. Drawing on her background in exercise science, Siobhan emphasises safe dance technique and teaches students how to ‘find’ and activate muscles to create crisp, clear technique and well-defined movement.

Started MED: 2010 Started Teaching: 2015 Joined MEDANZ: 2012

Training for Teaching: Certificate in Improving Sport Performance (Aoraki Polytechnic, 2010), Bachelors degree (Honours, First Class) in Exercise Prescription with focus on dance injury (University of Otago, 2014), Certificate in Recreation and Sport - Coaching and Instruction Level 3 (Skills Active NZ, 2015), Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences (McGill University, 2018)

Maintenance of Dance Training: 2018, 2017, 2016 (Details available on request)

            Updated: 18/08/2018